Category Reviews

First of, the review category is where you will find all of my unbiased reviews. I will always make the reviews you find here unbiased and in comparison to my personal experience.

The overall reviews will not follow a certain structure and therefore i will only include what i find the most interesting. Furthermore, i will include what i find helpful to know. This could be how to setup an effective auto-investment tool. E.g. the auto-investment tool on Mintos hold a lot of different options. Whereas the auto-investment tool of Fastinvest is straight forward.

Furthermore, i will include the things i which i knew when i started investing.

Fastinvest review

Being on a lower income i wanted to invest without large fees and minimum investments of over €50. Searching for a suitable platform i found Fastinvest. Fastinvest seems like a promising platform, which gives me the low cost of entry…
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