Consumer and Payday Loans

In this table, I have provided a complete overview of the P2P lending platforms that offer consumer and payday loans.

PlatformReviewInterestMinimum InvestmentLoan TermBuyback GuaranteeAuto-investSecondary MarketSignup Link (Bonus?)
Mintos Review6%-19%€101-200+YesYesYesMintos Signup Page 0,5% cashback for 90 days.
PeerBerry No Review13,7%€1012-34 daysYesYesNoPeerBerry Signup Page
LenderMarketLenderMarket Review12%€101-3YesYesNoLenderMarket Signup Page – 1% cashback for 60 days
Fastinvest Review9%-16%€11-12YesYesNoFastinvest Signup Page
Viainvest logoViaInvest Review11%€101-12YesYesNoViaInvest Signup Page
SwaperSwaper Review12%€1014-30 daysYesYesNoSwaper Signup Page
BondsterNo Review6%-15%€51-60YesYesNoBondstor Signup Page
iuvo GroupNo Review5%-15%€107-30 daysYesYesYesiuvo Signup Page
lenndy logoNo Review12%-15%€101-60YesYesNoLenndy Signup Page
FinBeeNo Review12%-+20%€51-60NoYesYesFinBee Signup Page
NEO FinanceNo Review12%-18%€1060-84YesYesYesNEO Finance Signup Page
doFinanceNo Review5%-11%€101-60YesYesNodoFinance Signup Page
Iban logoNo Review2,5%-6%€10-5 yearsYesYesNoiban Signup Page
Monestro logoNo Review6%-39%€101-24YesYesNoMonestro Signup Page