Using P2P Lending To Reach Financial Freedom

Category Portfolio

The portfolio category is where you will find the different types of investments in which i have invested. For example you can read my posts of p2p lending, crypto, and stocks.

Each of my investments types are described in a blog post. This will be an explanation of why i have invested in the stocks, platforms or cryptos that i have. Furthermore, it is to give you an inspiration to invest wisely yourselves.

Lastly, the different investment types will be described in terms of strategy. Whether it is to have capital gains, cash-flows etc. Furthermore, it will describe the strategy i have within each of the investment types.

BitOfProperty Logo

BitOfProperty Review

BitOfProperty is a new platform that gives the investor the possibility to own bits (pun intended) of property. The idea is that you purchase fractions of the property. In return it gives you rental income and the appreciation value. BitOfProperty…
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Mintos investment strategy

Mintos Auto-invest Strategy

Making an investment strategy on Mintos is very important if you want to secure a safe portfolio. Furthermore, by making a clever strategy you can achieve high returns while keeping your portfolio safe. Your Mintos investment strategy should reflect the…
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