Portfolio Update: September 2019

September has been a great month. University started back up after the summer holiday. We also adopted a cat, a Ragdoll. The Ragdoll race is very calm. However, the cat is currently a kitten, so not that calm right now. The total cost of the cat and equipment has been around €670. Despite purchasing the cat and the equipment (toys, litterboxes, etc) my savings rate is still quite high. My spending is only high due to the purchase of a cat. My use of homemade iced coffee (you can read my post here, how I make iced coffee with the quality of a cafe) has allowed me to almost eliminate the costs of energy drinks, which is a huge budget cut for me.

Me and my girlfriends new cat - So calm, when asleep
Me and my girlfriend’s new cat – So calm, when asleep

In September I got a higher income due to longer hours. I earned my first money from the blog and my P2P lending income climbed to an all-time high (Again).

In September I published 7 posts:

Without further ado, let us get straight to this month’s portfolio update!

General Portfolio Comments

The P2P lending portfolio has been steadily accumulating. However, I have noticed that loans on Mintos currently has a maximum interest rate of 10%. Furthermore, there used to be 200.000+ available loans, but this month there have been between 40.000 to 50.000 loans available. Those loans are with low interest rate, which does not fix my auto-invest strategy.

I have started investing in index funds again. I have made a monthly payment of ~€70. Through the broker I use, I can get free purchasing costs of the index funds. Since is stopped investing in stocks last month, I still feel the need to be in the stock market. The best way for me is to be in index funds.

The crypto market remains unstable and has its ups and downs.

Portfolio – September 2019

Total Portfolio Value:

  • Portfolio value: €5.585
  • Income this month: €45
  • Average interest rate: 7%
Portfolio Value - September 2019
Portfolio Value – September 2019

The graph of my portfolio shows an increasing income from my investments. I am almost halfway with my first goal of a monthly income of €100 from investments. While my total portfolio has not been growing tremendously, my income has been growing steadily.

I have decided to include my emergency fund + savings + cash to the portfolio allocation. Therefore, you have as much access to my finances as I have myself. I am trying to increase my size in index funds with monthly deposits. With all the talk of a recession, I fear how P2P lending and crypto will behave. Both of these investment types have not experienced a recession being in the current industry size.

Portfolio Allocation - September 2019
Portfolio Allocation – September 2019

Like any other month, the reason my interest income (expected annual return, XIRR) is low is due to Celsius Network. Celsius Network offers an interest between 3-12%, and my cryptos are earning 3,8%. Furthermore, the newly added BitOfProperty has rental income rates of ~6-8%. While my XIRR is lower this month I have earned more in value € than last month.

MonthPortfolio valueIncomeXIRR (interest incomes)ROI (Capital gains)

Saving rate and Emergency Fund

I managed to keep my personal costs down in September. I got a higher salary due to more hours, and I got lower expenses than in July and August. My savings rate reached 34% for September.

Saving Rate - September 2019
Saving Rate – September 2019

Now that I am back at the university and not buying laptops (a reference to last month which you can read here) or cats to purchase. We will have to take to a vet for a checkup, but that should not impact my expenses to much.

P2P Lending Income

My P2P lending income is continuing to grow, as it does every month. Currently, I have no better investment alternative to generate better returns. Stocks have management fees, deposit fees, purchasing fees and a lot of other fees. Real estate is expensive to start as an investment with down payments of at least 40% (general rule of thumb in my area). P2P lending is as low as €1 per investment, and it can be reinvested as soon as the loans are repaid.

If P2P lending survives a global recession, I think we will see the biggest flood of funds to a single investment type like never before. The returns, the flexibility of the investors, the competition to the banks, the idea, simply nothing that can beat it.

P2P Lending Portfolio - September 2019
P2P Lending Portfolio – September 2019

P2P lending portfolio allocation
P2P lending portfolio allocation

PlatformPortfolio valueInterest incomeXIRRInvested


  • Started investing: Dec-18
  • Average interest rate: 16,1%
  • Portfolio value: €1.257,15
  • Income this month: €18,98
Envestio Portfolio - September 2019
Envestio Portfolio – September 2019

Envestio keeps outperforming all of my other P2P lending platforms. So far Envestio has been my best investment. All investments I have made on Envestio are paid on time and in full. While the risk seem high on the platform I have an urge to invest even more on Envestio. However, I will follow my strategy of diversifying across platforms and not get greedy.

You can sign up for Envestio by clicking this link. It will give you a €5 sign up bonus and 0,5% additional interest on your investments for 270 days.

Envestio Performance Over Time

MonthEnvestio incomeEnvestio portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 11,57%
  • Portfolio value: €1.199,82
  • Income this month: €11,88
Mintos Portfolio - September 2019
Mintos Portfolio – September 2019

Mintos is my safe haven. I have made extensive investigation of how I can minimize default rates. This month my first default happened. However, this default is my own fault. The loan was one of the first loans I invested in, it has been late plenty of times, and it did not have a buyback guarantee. So far, I have been like “naaaah, it is fine, they will repay”. Well… it has now defaulted. Lesson learned, always buyback guarantee, and always sell loans that are not performing on time!

Furthermore, Mintos is a popular platform, and they are nearing 200.000 investors real quick. So the loans are all taking really quick. Currently, it is only low interest loans (and a lot with no buyback guarantee) which are available. Therefore, I have made an “emergency investment” auto-invest strategy. It invests in loans with 10% or higher interest with only a 1-month duration. So whenever higher interest loans start to become available, my low interest loans will be paid off.

Mintos emergency investment strategy
Mintos emergency investment strategy

You can sign up to Mintos by clicking this link. You will get a 1% cashback on all of your investments in 90 days.

Mintos Performance Over Time

MonthMintos incomeMintos portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Aug-19
  • Average interest rate: 10,57%
  • Portfolio value: €403,99
  • Income this month: €3,56
Grupeer Portfolio - September 2019
Grupeer Portfolio – September 2019

I started investing on Grupeer in August (last month). Thus far it has been an okay experience. My expected return is only 10,57% (Grupeer advertises with ~13,5% returns). However, my experience tells me that I need to give the platform a couple of months to stabilize. However, I believe Grupeer will increase my annual return. Furthermore, their business model is innovative and they want to explorer the P2P lending industry, hence I am confident that Grupeer will deliver.

Grupeer Performance Over Time

MonthGrupeer incomeGrupeer portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 13%
  • Portfolio value: €464,53
  • Income this month: €5
Fastinvest Portfolio - September 2019
Fastinvest Portfolio – September 2019

My portfolio is slowly starting to show signs of compounding. My interest rates have been the same since I started investing (except May and June 2019). When I started, I got ~€4,8-4,9. Now I am earning €5 per month. Let us hope this trend continues.

MonthFastinvest incomeFastinvest portfolio valueXIRR

You can sign up on Fastinvest by clicking the link here.


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 9,66%
  • Portfolio value: €73,66
  • Income this month: €0,44
Swaper Portfolio - September 2019
Swaper Portfolio – September 2019

So far I have been pleased with my returns on Swaper. They are a small platform compared to many others. However, the business model is interesting (Swaper provides loans from subsidiaries) and that can show to have an advantage in the long run, from my point of view at least.

You can sign up for Swaper by clicking this link. By using my link before the 2. November you get 2% extra income for the first 3 months.

MonthSwaper incomeSwaper portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Aug-19
  • Average interest rate: 9,66%
  • Portfolio value: €73,66
  • Income this month: €0,44
BitOfProperty Portfolio - September 2019
BitOfProperty Portfolio – September 2019

BitOfProperty is the new addition to the P2P lending portfolio. This month I have collected €0,57 in rent. This concept is so unique from other crowdfunding and P2P lending platforms. The investors collectively purchase a real estate which will be rented in a period of 2-5 years. In the time it is rented investors collect rent and after the period the real estate is sold at a profit, for an additional return.

You can sign up at BitOfProperty and start purchasing real estate yourself.

BitOfProperty Performance Over Time

MonthRental IncomeBitOfProperty portfolio valueXIRR

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

While I really like the technology (believe it or not), the current market is pissing me off. I thought we were just about to have a 2017 bull market, but now we are going back into a recession😭.

I will continue to hold my Crypto. For now, I should be dollar-cost averaging, but I decided to increase my position in the stock market (by purchasing index funds monthly). Therefore, this buying opportunity will be lost for me.

Crypto Portfolio - September 2019
Crypto Portfolio – September 2019

If you are considering purchasing crypto (whether that being Bitcoin or some Altcoins) I think it is a good time now, due to the recent pullback after an over 100% increase in the total market. This correction is totally normal and is what you typically experience once a year in the stock market. However, the stock market is not as volatile.

I would recommend you to purchase crypto through Binance. They are one of the largest platforms in the world while also having a lot of Altcoins.

MonthCrypto valueDividendXIRRROIInvested

Interest Income on Crypto:

At the start of August, I changed how I wanted to receive my interest. For a period I have been getting my interest in CEL token. However, I wanted to get some interest in the native coins.

This means that the total euro amount has dropped because you receive bonus interest when getting interest in CEL. However, during this correction, I would like to purchase more crypto, but since I am using that money to purchase Index funds I can get my interest in native coins.

Crypto Interest - September 2019
Crypto Interest – September 2019

Index Funds

My index funds have grown quite a bit. I will continue to increase my holdings in index funds. Through my stockbroker, I can make a monthly purchase without the purchasing fees. Therefore I will only pay management fees. Since the stock market has a historic return of ~8%, I will create a “safe” position in my total portfolio by increasing the size of index funds.

Index Funds - September 2019
Index Funds – September 2019
MonthMutual funds and index fundsDividendROI

How Others in the Community are doing

Some of these other bloggers are really killing it. Jørgen at financiallyfree.eu is growing at an exponential rate right now.

You might have noticed in this overview of all the bloggers that my income says €74. This is due to my investing income (interest and dividend) and my blog income.

Blog Statistics

I stopped advertising for my blog last month. Therefore, the viewer count is much lower. However, I will no longer have advertising expenses. I have worked hard on improving my SEO on most of my posts and I have gotten a spike in google search traffic. I am really happy about the progress I have made this month.

I started earning money from my blog this month. A whopping €30 for September. This actually really excites me. I have run ads to get traffic, I then did some SEO tweaks to my posts and saw an increase in traffic and now I have made money from blogging. That is really motivating. I am very motivated to publish tons of content on the blog. However, Unversity and work are my first priorities. If I do not get a degree I cannot get high-income jobs (given I am good at my job), if I do not work I do not have money to invest. Hence, the blog is the third priority for me, sadly. If the blog can generate some serious money (serious money for me is the amount of money that could replace my work income (€1.250 pretax)) I could quit my job to work more on the blog.

Blog Statistics - September 2019
Blog Statistics – September 2019

You can start your own blog using the best host, with WordPress pre-installed. Anyone can start a blog using Siteground. Create a blog for €3,95 (regular price €9,95) and start sharing your investments or other hobbies/interests. You can use my affiliate link here.

Conclusion of September 2019

September has been a nice month. Investment wise not much has changed. The overall portfolio did not grow by much, but my income is steadily increasing.

I want to thanks the people who have signed up through my affiliate links. Together with my investments, you support my journey to financial freedom. Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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