Portfolio update: May 2019

May month has been a very busy month, personally. However, I have managed to follow the crypto market and started lending crypto (more on that later). Since the current state starts to indicate a bull-market I have become interested in buying some cheap crypto before they make the run to the moon. My Fastinvest account is starting to cash-drag quite a lot. The whole month of May only one investment was available between 13% and 16% in Euro. Therefore, I have 150 euro just sitting in my account doing nothing. Furthermore, Trump is really getting on with the Chinese making the stock market shaking. On the positive side, crypto is rising fast, and Mintos and Envestio is giving great returns this month!

Protfolio value of May 2019
Portfolio value of May 2019

Nonetheless, despite cash-drag and the stock market bleeding my portfolio value has had a significant increase in value. To be exact, my portfolio value is up 14,13 %. In May I have made a total of three deposits. First, to increase my holding of Neblio. Second, to purchase a token called Celsius, and lastly further added funds to my Envestio account.

Crypto lending – earn interest on cryptocurrencies!

The Celsius token is a token issued by Celsius Network. Celsius Network is a crypto lending and borrowing platform. The whole idea is that you can either loan against a crypto collateral, or earn interest by lending your crypto.

Celsius’ mission is to give the interest back to the people, rather than banks keeping the interest. To clarify: I am sure that some of you have a credit card, where you at some point had to apply for extra credit. The bank typically charge between 15-30% interest on this extra credit. The credit you get after applying is other people’s money who has money in their bank account. After you pay back the extra credit you have paid the bank and extra 15-30 % of the credit you got. As a result, the bank only gives about 1 % (if that) to the people which they have borrowed the money from to give you the extra credit.

Furthermore, with Celsius, you can earn up to 10% (as of writing this post). Celsius pay interest in the coin which you hold, or in their own CEL token (You get an additional 25% if you chose to be paid in CEL token). In other words, you are not paid in dollars or euros, but in crypto. To clarify, this means that if you hold Bitcoin, and Bitcoin increases in value the euro value of your interest will increase. However, the Bitcoin to interest ratio stays the same in relation to the Bitcoin to interest received.

In May I earned 3,39 euros from lending my crypto (only Bitcoin and Litecoin). In total I have earned 18,39 euros since the 28th of January. I will do a review of Celsius Network soon. You can use the promo code 1748812f7e to earn up to 20 dollars, just by signing up and lending you crypto. No actions needed.

P2P lending income

Both Mintos and Envestio is returning more than ever this month. However, as i stated in the start of the post, Fastinvest in cash-dragging.

My return on Mintos keeps on climbing after the new strategy. The return is now 11,53% with an average interest rate of loans at 13,38%. In another word, we will most likely see further increases down the line.

I deposited 268 euros in May to Envestio, however I missed one investment opportunity because I was sleeping. That is how fast investments are funded on Envestio. Therefore, at this point in time, there is still 122 euro from that deposit that have not been invested yet.

P2p lending income - May 2019
P2p lending income – May 2019
PlatformPortfolio valueInterest income

Stock portfolio value

Besides Trump tariffs and other global issues (Russia bombing Syrian hospitals and such) nothing is really happening to the companies which i have invested.

However, i have reinvest dividends into the Nordea A/S stock (yielded 8,66% dividend in 2019). The reinvested dividend got me 5 stocks. Moreover, this cannot be seen on the overall decreasing stock values.

Stock portfolio value - May 2019
Stock portfolio value – May 2019
Top Danmark A/S5233,4
Novo nordisk B A/S6245,5
Carlsberg B A/S2229,0
Alibaba Group Holding1132,8
Novozymers B A/S6245,4
Chemometec A/S6119,0
Gratomic INC150039,6

Mutual- and index funds

When the stock price go down, so does the mutual- and index funds. Therefore, there is really no news here as well. Just a decreasing valuation of the markets. However, my mutual- and index funds are dispersed in the big global blue chips, biggest Danish stocks and growth stocks from the large global index’.

Mutual- and index funds portfolio value - May 2019
Mutual- and index funds portfolio value – May 2019
Index/mutual fundSharesPrice DKKTotal value
Maj invest vækstaktier12110177,9
Sparindex INDEX Globale akt min risk KL14138258,9
Sparindex INDEX OMX C25 KL7202189,5
Total value626,3

Cryptocurrency portfolio value

In May 2019 the cryptocurrencies surely started to move again. In May Bitcoin opened at 4778 euro, and closed in 8574 euro. Furthermore, Litecoin went from 74,30 euro in the beginning of May to 114,54 in the end of May. Also, Neblio is soon to come with the release of Neblio v2.1. The QuickSync function now comes to all platforms. Furthermore, on-chain atomic swaps between Neblio, Litecoin and other coins, and lastly some added NTP1 features.

Cryptocurrencies portfolio value - May 2019
Cryptocurrencies portfolio value – May 2019

In the future i might include the interest earned from the Celsius Network. However, the euro value of the interest is depend on the value of the coins i am holding. Therefore, the interest which i have already earned will vary. However, it will still show an overall increase in the value of my cryptocurrency portfolio.

CryptoAmountPriceTotal value
Lala world2.930,450000,0010

Conclusion of May 2019

From a broad perspective i am very pleased with my portfolio. My p2p lending has returned more than ever before. However, the Cash-drag from Fastinvest annoys me when i do not have more money working. However, i figure i will see how Fastinvest invests in the following month.

The stock market is down and has no current sign of returning. Trumps tariffs against China, and other global conflicts has a negative impact on the market currently. However, the cryptocurrencies are growing in an exponential rate. Whether this is caused by the global conflicts i am not sure. It could simply be the interest for Blockchain which is returning after the crash in January 2018. Lastly, i will soon make a review of Celsius Network so you are educated on crypto lending.

In conclusion, my portfolio value is bigger than ever. For that i am thankful.

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