Portfolio Update: June 2020

This month I have tried to do something different. The most important part of the portfolio will be presented in the beginning. The most important part of the monthly update is passive income. Therefore, I will start to present the earned income from passive investments at the start of all monthly updates instead of dividing them into their respective categories (e.g. stocks dividends, crypto interest, P2P lending, etc.).

The change of presenting the passive income in the beginning of the post is to hopefully make it more attractive to quickly read. My intention is not for you to have the longest read time to make all the figures add up, I would rather give you the biggest value, which i hope this change does.

Speaking of change, I have added an “invested” to many of the graphs. This will show how much I have invested vs. the portfolio value. Sadly, I am not an investing genius, and therefore my investments is not in positive capital. However, they are providing passive income from dividends and interest. Furthermore, it should also be a tool to increase the transparency of my investments.

On a personal note, I have hit a rather large milestone. I have hit a personal goal of reaching a net worth of 100.000 DKK (€13.400). While €13.400 is not a lot of money for the average worker in Scandinavia, I started out thinking I wouldn’t make it past 50.000 DKK (€6.700) while being a student. And I still have half a year until I’m done studying.

Lastly I have started a email service to sent you an update everytime the monthly update goes live. This means you will get a single email per month by me. You can sign up in the form below and find the form in the sidebar.

General Comments to Portfolio and Income

June 2020 was yet another month with crazy good capital gains. Celsius Network is currently taking my portfolio to the moon all by itself. Most of the cryptos have stayed put the entire month, however, Celsius Network has been booming. They are currently seeking capital (crowdsourcing) through bnktothefuture, and that has got a lot of attention in the crypto community.

Grupeer is yet again sliding in our DM’s with a pile of sh*t. In May, they promised to look at a “crisis overcome plan.” Now they continue the bullsh*t by pretending to comply with KYC regulation. Lastly, they have posted a “Portfolio performance audit key facts,” stating that some lenders are ready to repay loans, and some are not, while others are not cooperating. Grupeer has caught with the hand in the cookie jaw, and they continue to present something that gives the investors hope. If any money is ever received to my account (and withdraws are unlocked), I will be removing them from the portfolio as fast as possible.

Now to the interesting part of investing: the gains. This month i got a total of €32,5 from dividends and interest. Due to the increasing price of Celsius Network, the income generated is astonishing. Celsius Network is a long term holding position, lead by people that have had success before.

PlatformPassive incomePlatform valueYield/Interest rate
Celsius Network162.9426,5%
Index funds3,472.086,21,2%
Dividend and interest income for June 2020

Currently, it seems that the P2P lending market is slowly stabilizing. While some platforms are still facing problems with bad loan originators and lack of repayments, the problems seem to have stopped accelerating. Therefore, I hope that my Mintos portfolio will start to correct with pending and delayed payments in the coming months.

Currently, my stock portfolio is the place where I am putting spare cash due to the COVID-19 price drops (which means cheap stocks). However, if I have any spare cash in the next couple of months I might hesitate to invest since COVID-19 is yet again raging through some places. this might shock the stock market again, pushing prices even lower.

Portfolio – June 2020

Total Portfolio Value:

  • Portfolio value: €8.082 (+15,5%)
  • Net worth: €13.988 (+10,13%)
  • Investment income: €32,46 (-40,9%)
  • Average interest rate: 8,4%

This month has been quite below standard. However, this is going to be the new normal since I have pulled out of P2P lending platforms and been victim in 2 scams. However, I hope that the dividend stocks will generate more than they do currently. Yet, calculating the dividend I should receive on a monthly basis, I would need a 3 to 4 times the portfolio in stocks to generate the same interest in P2P lending.

Portfolio value and income - June 2020
Portfolio value and income – June 2020

This is the first graph I present with the new “invested” amount. Using the invested amount it’s easier to visualize the gap between the portfolio value and the invested amount. I hope that I will catch up on the invested amount at some point. However, currently, I have to accept that I’m worth €2.000 less now than if my money hasn’t been invested.

Nonetheless, I’m fighting to make the right investment decisions and to learn from my mistakes. Currently, we are headed in the right direction.

Portfolio allocation - June 2020
Portfolio allocation – June 2020

The portfolio allocation is still looking very conservative with my “big” cash reserve. However, crypto has been growing in percentage, which is everything else than conservative. So having a growing stocks and index funds position will bring some more stability to the portfolio.

Saving rate and Emergency Fund

Yikes, another month with higher expenses than income. I’m glad I have been so conservative with my uninvested money. Since I have no outlook on getting a job for at least 6 months, my emergency funds will be funding my modest lifestyle as a student.

Savings rate - June 2020
Savings rate – June 2020

P2P Lending

  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 10,8%
  • Portfolio value: €1.083,85 (-6,4%)
  • Income this month: €9,27 (-28%)

The P2P lending portfolio is now where it should be. With only Mintos and EstateGuru in the P2P lending portfolio, I see it as being “safe”. Looking at the invested line, P2P lending was very profitable and growing at a fast rate until Envestio made their exit scam in January. Since then I have withdrawn a lot of P2P lending and been a victim to the scam made by Grupeer, which is still ongoing.

I doubt that I will recover the lost money from the scams within P2P lending. That money will have to be recovered from capital gains in crypto or stocks. I have no intention to recover the P2P lending portfolio. However, I have intentions to keep investing in good P2P lending platforms such as Mitos and EstateGuru. When things claim down and maybe some regulation is in place I will start to deposit heavily again.

For now, EstateGuru and Mintos will be placed as passive income investments.

P2P lending portfolio and income - June 2020
P2P lending portfolio and income – June 2020
PlatformPortfolio valueInterest incomeXIRRInvested

Exited PlatformsProfit/lossAverage Interest RateExited Value

ScamsLoss (With interest)ROIInvested

P2P lending portfolio allocation
P2P lending portfolio allocation


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 11,08%
  • Portfolio value: €571,11 (+1%)
  • Income this month: €5,85

Again, yikes. Although I’m making more money now, than with the same portfolio size back in oct-18, nov-18, and dec-19 it’s still very low compared to what I was making a few months ago. Although Mintos is not a scammy or faulty P2P lending platform, I needed to put my money in something more conservative (dividend stocks).

Currently, my portfolio is about 50/50 in current and delayed loans. Which is not very satisfactory. However, I have been running a risky strategy during COVID-19 and therefore, I did expect something like this.

Mintos portfolio and income - June 2020
Mintos portfolio and income – June 2020

You can sign up to Mintos by clicking this link.


  • Started investing: Jan-20
  • Average interest rate: 7,57%
  • Portfolio value: €512,74 (+0,67%)
  • Income this month: €3,42 (-17,8%)

EstateGuru has continued to be the golden child of my P2P lending portfolio. So far, out of 11 investments, there is only 1 delayed loan. That is an outstanding performance, even pre-COVID when compared to other platforms.

Although I’m not looking to increase my P2P lending portfolio anymore, it’s so tempting to deposit something to EstateGuru, because it just works. There is no “pending payments,” dumb promises, or cryptic messages from the administration.

EstateGuru portfolio and income - June 2020
EstateGuru portfolio and income – June 2020

You can sign up for EstateGuru by clicking this affiliate link. You will get 0,5% additional interest in the first 3 months of investing.


  • Started investing: Jan-20
  • Average interest rate: 12,84%
  • Portfolio value: €0
  • Income this month: €0

June 2020 also marks the month where I could exit LenderMarket, at least until the P2P lending market has claimed down. LenderMarket has been a very good platform providing an average interest rate of 12,84%. Since the promised interest is 12% it’s above expectations.

However, since I started investing in LenderMarket they have increased their interest rate to 14%, which is even better if you are thinking about investing with LenderMarket.

LenderMarket Portfolio and income - June 2020
LenderMarket Portfolio and income – June 2020

Start investing on LenderMarket by signing up here. You will receive a bonus of 1% of the net deposited funds the first 60 days.

Stock Portfolio

  • Started investing: Mar-20
  • Dividend Yield: 3,53%
  • Portfolio value: €1.970 (+37,1%)
  • Income this month: €3,67 (+85%)

Stocks is performing more or less as expected. Big moves up and down over the days, but averaging about zero on monthly basis. Most of the increae in portfolio value is caused by fresh deposits.

Dividends is starting to pick up to the level where they should be. I can’t expect my dividend payouts to go much higher due to the dividend yield. the sad thing about moving from P2P lending to stocks is the decrease in income. However, the regulation of the stock market currently overrules any speculative P2P lending platforms.

I have been working on getting a diversified stock portfolio. However, for some reason, I have a big allocation in REITs. Nonetheless, REITs are good paying dividend companies, and the REITs I have is financially healthy.

I’m diversifying by buying fractional shares to collect dividends from a broad portion of companies. I think this is a good strategy to get broad exposure in the market while being able to acquire good and healthy stocks.

I use Trading212 as my dividend portfolio as they charge zero fees and commissions. However, Trading212 is a smaller platform, so if you feel safer at a bigger platform, I would recommend Degiro, which is one of the biggest and best stock brokers in Europe.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

  • Started investing: Dec-17
  • Average interest rate: 4,9%
  • Portfolio value: €2.942 (+16,7%)
  • Income this month: €16,05 (-51,9%)

Crypto has been on a rampage since December 2019 with a setback in Marts as a result of COVID-19. I’m amazed there have been no major pullbacks yet (Congrats I just jinxed it, sell your crypto before it becomes worthless :)).

Celsius Network solely causes the success of the big portfolio increase. Celsius Network is functioning as a bank; however, they are returning 80% of their revenue to depositors through interest earned on loans.

Crypto portfolio - June 2020
Crypto portfolio – June 2020

You will experience the income fluctuate every month. The income I earn is in crypto, and therefore the euro amount will be functioning based on the price of the cryptocurrency in relation to the euro at the time of making the monthly update.

The people I have referred to Celsius Network has earned 172,22 dollars. You can also invest with Celsius Network from Europe using an Android or iPhone. You can sign up here, giving you $20 worth of crypto when depositing $200 worth of crypto and holding it for 30 days.

Celsius Network earning of referred people
Celsius Network earning of referred people

I would recommend you to purchase crypto through Binance. Binance is one of the largest platforms in the world while also having a lot of Altcoins.

Index Funds

  • Started investing: Jan-19
  • ROI: 3,1%
  • Portfolio value: €2.086,2 (+7%)
  • Dividend this month: €3,47 (-48,6%)

With the introduction of the “invested” amount to the graph, I feel like explaining why I write I have a positive ROI, but the invested amount is bigger than the funds in the portfolio. So far, I have taken the average return of each index fund, rather than taking the portfolio value and invested difference.

Since the returns on my index funds is -2,4%, 24,6%, -2,2%, and -7,7% the average is 3,1%. However, the one index fund with the high returns is a small part of the total portfolio, and therefore in monetary value, the portfolio return is not positive.

Index funds - June 2020
Index funds – June 2020

Let me hear in the comments whether you want the ROI calculated as the average of the individual index funds or the difference between invested and current portfolio value.

How Others in the Community are doing

I see that there is a lot of bloggers who also struggle with a very fluctuating income. Sadly, COVID-19 has to lead to a lot of dividend cuts, and P2P lending platforms to struggle, which might be the main cause of the fluctuating income. However, I hope we hold strong as a community and push on forward to reach FI or whatever else is the goal!

I hope that everyone get a speedy recovery!

Blog Statistics

The visitor count has stayed more or less the same (-2 people). I hope that everyone visited found what they where looking for. If not, please through a comment or email to me stating what you want to hear more (or less) about.

Monthly blog visitors - June 2020
Monthly blog visitors – June 2020

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That was all for this month. I hope you enjoyed the content, see you in the next update!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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