Portfolio Update: July 2019

July has been a busy month like any other. Most of my family has birthday in the summer months and especially in July. Furthermore, i used a week of July on vacation and then i have increased my working hours a fair bit, now that the university is closed down for the summer break. I will start to focus a lot more on P2P lending income. Due to a sellout in stocks i will conduct reviews of P2P lending platforms in the next months. This shall help me determine which platforms i want to distribute my money on. Anyway, lets get to this months portfolio update.

Being in a vacation time, i have used more money than i normally would. Therefore, my saving rate is not that high this month.

Furthermore, Fastinvest has turned around with some better returns again. For now i will leave Fastinvest as the returns are recovering and not continuing down.

General Portfolio Comments – The Financial Disaster

Last month, i announced that i would be buying a computer. I purchased a Dell XPS 15, had it for 3 days and then it suddenly died (well, shit happens). To make a long story short, after about a week of emailing with the technical support team at Dell, they approved a refunding. For the refunding process i need to contact the order management instead of the technical support team. After about a week of email with the the order management support team, the refunding was started. I then ordered another Dell XPS 15, because i actually really liked the computer while i had it. The new purchase did not go through with my credit card. A call-center employee contacted me to inform me that i needed to make a bank transfer instead. The bank transfer would take up to 5 days to appear in their system, and when the transfer is approved they will sent the new computer.

So hopefully, i will receive my new well functioning computer the 14-08-2019… Only 1,5 month after the first was ordered…

This disaster now means that Dell has two of my payments (on a computer which costs ~€1600).

Furthermore, my work has made a failure to pay me this month, meaning that my expenses are paid through my emergency fund.

The portfolio is okay, after all.

My overall portfolio income is fine. I have not made any deposits this month as i were to purchase the new laptop, and therefore has to save to keep the emergency fund topped off. My portfolio has decreased 250 in value.

I am a sell out, I sold my stocks. I have index funds, stocks and crypto which are capital gaining assets. However, i want to focus more on cash-flow assets. Therefore, i have sold my stocks and i will be reinvesting the stock value in P2P lending. I could have chosen to invest in dividend stock portfolio. However, with the fees and taxation on stocks, i prefer to invest in P2P lending. P2P lending will give higher returns as there are no fees to using most platforms.

In the future i will dedicate much more time and money into getting my P2P lending income up. I will focus building month to month cash-flow. Currently, with my financial situation that can be done with P2P lending income rather than stocks or real estate.

Total Portfolio Value:

  • Portfolio value: €7219
  • Income this month: €40
  • Average interest rate: 10%
Portfolio value - July 2019
Portfolio value – July 2019

The income in July was €16 higher than June. Furthermore, my stocks and index funds have increased fair bit since last month. That means that my capital gains is now broken even.

Portfolio spread: July 2019
Portfolio spread: July 2019

My portfolio is weighting a lot towards P2P lending currently. Now that i have sold my stocks (and waiting for my funds to be invested), the weight towards P2P lending will increase quite significantly.

MonthPortfolio valueIncomeXIRR (interest incomes)ROI (Capital gains)

My income keeps increasing, which is my goal. I am almost half way to my first goal. You can see all of my goals on my about page. My first goal is to make €100 per month. Hopefully, if i receive my refund for the dead computer, i due time, we can see the increase of income already next month.

Saving rate and Emergency Fund

Taking into account that i have had vacation and been to a lot of birthdays, i accept my spending this month. Taking into account that ordinary months give me about 32-37% saving rate, i personally think a 23% saving rate is justified.

Savings not including the laptop

Looking at the first savings rate chart is not that bad. But if we account for the newly purchased laptop it stings. The saving rate is -66% when accounting for the laptop. However, i have built an emergency fund for this type of expenses. What is worse is that currently i have paid for two computers, because the dead computer has yet to be refunded.

Savings including the laptop (auch!)

Now to present the pain in my emergency fund:

My emergency fund is built for 6 months worth of expenses. That means a total of €4517. The two Dell computers costs ~€1600 each. Which means my emergency fund is currently at €1317. This means that 70% of my emergency fund is gone. However, i sold my stocks which (after fees) is worth €1918. My stocks are meant to be reinvested. However, i will not reinvest the stock value before Dell has refunded my money, because i need a safety net in case something else happens.

P2P Lending Income

The P2P lending income is increasing month after month. This is why i chose to sell my stocks. This will increase my monthly income. While capital gains are good, i have concluded that i do not need three sources of capital gains (crypto, stocks and index funds). Therefore, i am removing the stocks and replacing it with P2P lending.

P2P lending portfolio
P2P lending portfolio
PlatformPortfolio valueInterest incomeXIRRInvested
Swaper73.12 1.1518.9%66.91

Once again, Envestio delivers about half the income, even though the Envestio portfolio is almost the same size as Mintos. With a calculated annual return of 15% on average, i believe this month is extra ordinary (look at Swaper). Therefore, i would expect a more reliable 12% when comparing the year-to-year average. However, a expected 12% is better than my current stock returns.


  • Started investing: Dec-18
  • Average interest rate: 15,91%
  • Portfolio value: €1220,46
  • Income this month: €15,35
Envestio portfolio - July 2019
Envestio portfolio – July 2019

Envestio is my reliable high yielding returning platform. They never disappoint. If i fail to find other platforms to distribute my stocks money, i will probably use Envestio for high yielding returns.

Considering investing? Read my Envestio review by following this link. You are also sign up directly through my affiliate link and get a €5 deposit bonus with a 0,5% interest bonus on loans in 270 days. You can sign up here.

MonthEnvestio incomeEnvestio portfolio valueXIRR

The last three months i have made no deposits to Envestio. Currently it brings a stable €15 per month. However, if they do not publish new loans soon, the coming months will see a decrease as two of the loans have been paid in full.


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 11%
  • Portfolio value: €961,1
  • Income this month: €10,82
Mintos portfolio - July 2019
Mintos portfolio – July 2019

Since my rethinking of my auto-invest on Mintos in April 2019, my returns had increased significantly. Before April the average interest rate was 9,88%. However, with the rethinking of my investment (and with no defaults) my average interest rate is at 12,67%.

I think Mintos will receive some of my money from the selling of my stocks. Mintos is the platform i trust the most, and also the biggest platform. By getting a bigger part of my portfolio to Mintos will mitigate the risk in a future financial crisis.

You can read my Mintos review by following this link. If you want to get started on the biggest platform in Europe with no fees you can sign up through my affiliate link and receive €5 bonus and 1% on future investments in up to 90 days.

MonthMintos incomeMintos portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 13%
  • Portfolio value: €454,53
  • Income this month: €4,86
Fastinvest portfolio: July 2019
Fastinvest portfolio: July 2019

After several months of cash drag and poor returns from Fastinvest it seems the returns are starting to come back. If If this is not a “one month thing” i will keep my money on Fastinvest for now, as i enjoy the platform.

The fact that you can invest for only €1 per loan enables me to invest all my money. Of course there has to be loans with the returns I want, but currently I am happy with the progression.

You can read my Fastinvest review by following this link. You can also sign up on Fastinvest by following my affiliate link.

MonthFastinvest incomeGrand TotalFastinvest portfolio value

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

In July crypto went on holiday like most other people. There are no intense fluctuations currently, and the overall portfolio has lost about €350 in value. However, that is to be expected after 6 months with more than 200% increase.

While my crypto value is only half of the invested, it is rapidly starting to increase in value. However, there it has been a slow month for crypto with a slight decrease. However, my dividend from Celsius Network almost doubled.

MonthCrypto valueDividendXIRRROIInvested

Interest Income on Crypto:

Through Celsius Network I lend my crypto and receive an interest. The interest is paid every Monday and thus far been at about 4%. Therefore, the interest is not superb but significantly better than on my bank account. You can use my promo code: 1748812f7e or follow my affiliate link and receive up to $20 on your first deposit.

Having my crypto on Celsius Network might help me fight the inflation if crypto will ever stabilize. Celsius Network is made to disrupt the banking industry and i will gladly help by collecting some income on the way.

Stock Portfolio Value

This is the last time you will find an update on my stocks. I the ending of July I sold all my stocks (except 1). I thought about how I want my money flowing. With stocks, crypto and index funds I have three capital gaining assets and only P2P lending which bring a cash-flow.

I thought about making a dividend portfolio to stay in the stock market. However, with the cost of fees stocks is not an option if I want to make money. I spend about €60 just when selling the stocks. The same amount would have been spend when purchasing new dividend stocks.

StocksSharesTotal Share ValueROI
Top Danmark A/S5241.723.3%
Novo nordisk B A/S6258.68.1%
Carlsberg B A/S2236.617.9%
Alibaba Group Holding1157.13.1%
Novozymers B A/S6248.0-10.0%
Chemometec A/S6118.279.8%
Gratomic INC150039.6-75.0%

While my stocks has done okay and have been less volatile compared to my crypto, it is not worth it for me. I need a lot more money for the fees to actually make money. If 1M Finance becomes available for Danish residents at some point I would setup a dividend portfolio there. 1M Finance is an automated platform (like autoinvest on P2P lending platforms), and it is possible to buy fractional shares and from what I can find it is all free.

This was the last time you see stocks on my income statement. If my blog starts to make me money is will start to save for a dividend portfolio, as it is something i actually want.

Index Funds

My index funds are slowly increasing in value. There will be no dividends till start of 2020. However my index funds are the safer part of my portfolio and therefore I do not expect it to increase much.

Index/mutual fundSharesTotal Share ValueROI
Maj invest vækstaktier12195.511.5%
Sparindex INDEX Globale akt min risk KL14275.711.2%
Sparindex INDEX OMX C25 KL7196.46.4%
Total value667.69.7%

How Others in the Community are doing

Blog Statistics

Blog statistics: July 2019
Blog statistics: July 2019

I have used advertising to get some traffic to my blog. However, i thing that i will be better of starting to improve the SEO on my blog. Therefore, i have updated the theme, made a simple logo, and started using Youtube to learn what the gurus say about SEO. I would much rather use the costs of advertising to invest.

Sadly, no one has used my affiliate links yet. However, i made 0,85 in ad revenue.

Conclusion of July 2019

All in all a catastrophic month with my personal finances. I have currently paid for two computers without even having just one of them. My emergency fund has to be rebuilt because of my new laptop. I have sold my stocks to invest more in P2P lending.

Lastly, I have gotten some good returns this month in P2P lending, and I cannot wait for Dell to refund me so I can start throwing my money into some new platforms! Do you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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