Portfolio Update: August 2019

August has been a fun month personally. However, i didn’t get a salary this month, furthermore i have been spending a lot of money. Hopefully i will be spending less money when University starts again in September.

In the end of last month i sold all my stocks as i decided i wanted to increase my position in P2P lending. The P2P lending is going to allow me to bring a high inflow of cash. Also, the stocks a held was not dividend focused. Therefore, i am looking forward to getting a higher income from P2P lending which will also allow me to use the compound interest even harder.

While i sold my stocks i have not reinvested the entire former stock portfolio into P2P lending. Last month i bought a new computer because the old one i had no longer was functioning correctly. And due to the increased expenses plus no salary for August i has held the majority of the former stock portfolio in cash and contributed it into my emergency fund.

The emergency fund is therefore almost at the point it should be (6 months worth of expenses).

General Portfolio Comments

While my stocks have been sold and it looks like my portfolio value has decreased a lot, it is not affecting my income. None of the stocks where dividend stocks and I have my index funds and cryptocurrencies for capital gains. Therefore, I wanted a higher P2P lending portfolio so I can increase my passive income and cash flow.

The cryptocurrency market seems to be affected by the stock market. The stock market has been volatile in the last couple of months, and so has the crypto market. The future is exciting!

From last month I stated I would be doing some P2P lending reviews to evaluate which platforms I want to invest with in the future. So far I have invested in Mintos, Envestio, Swaper, and Fastinvest with the new addition in August of BitOfProperty and Grupeer. After the review of both BitOfProperty and Grupeer, I more or less decided to invest with them. The concepts and functioning of the platforms are very appealing to me. You can read my Grupeer review here and my BitOfProperty review here.

Total Portfolio Value:

  • Portfolio value: €5.615
  • Income this month: €41
  • Average interest rate: 10%
Monthly Portfolio Value: August 2019
Monthly Portfolio Value: August 2019

The graph above shows that the decrease in my overall portfolio value, however an increase in my income. From my point of view, this is a portfolio optimization, higher income on a lower amount invested.

The reason my average interest rate is this “low” is because of the new investments in Grupeer and BitOfProperty and the interest from Celsius Network. Grupeer and BitOfProperty is not paying interest yet as I invested on both platforms in August.

Portfolio Allocation
Portfolio Allocation
MonthPortfolio valueIncomeXIRR (interest incomes)ROI (Capital gains)

Saving rate and Emergency Fund

My savings rate has been to the dogs this month. While i haven’t got any salary this month i have spend a little bit more than last month. Therefore, i am looking forward to next months salary and hopefully a lower spending.

Savings rate August 2019
Savings rate August 2019

Based on the savings rate you can imagine that my emergency fund once again has been used to pay the bills.

A full emergency fund for me is 6 months of expenses. The emergency fund therefore needs to be €4517, whereas it is currently €4010. This means that i have a 89% complete emergency fund.

P2P Lending Income

P2P lending portfolio allocation
P2P lending portfolio allocation

Mintos and Envestio is about 70% of my total portfolio. I am receiving the highest returns on Envestio and i get the most diversification with the best safety on Mintos. Therefore, do not mind Envestio and Mintos being the larger part of my portfolio.

In the future Envestio and Mintos might be a smaller part of my total portfolio as i start investing on more platforms.

P2P Lending Portfolio
P2P Lending Portfolio

Even though i invested €740 in P2P lending this month, i should not have received any further income. Since the investments pays monthly i will see a increase in income next month.

PlatformPortfolio valueInterest incomeXIRRInvested

Grupeer has returned a small income already. However, only a few of the many loans has returned an income. The loans must be prematurely paid as the investments are between 7-14 days.


  • Started investing: Dec-18
  • Average interest rate: 16,1%
  • Portfolio value: €1.238,17
  • Income this month: €17,71

The income on Envestio is constantly raising. I do not know why i keep getting impressed about this. But Envestio has never been late on any of the loans i have participated in. While there is not a ton of loans provided on their side, they have investment opportunities with high yields. As long Envestio keeps their payments i will continue to use them with excitement.

You can sign up to Envestio by clicking this link. It will give you a €5 sign up bonus and 0,5% additional interest on your investments for 270 days.

MonthEnvestio incomeEnvestio portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 11,52%
  • Portfolio value: €1.174,55
  • Income this month: €13,45

I increased the Mintos portfolio with €200 in August. I choose to use €200 of the stock funds to deposit into Mintos as Mintos is a safe and diversified platform. Generally the platform is a must have in a P2P lending portfolio. They are just so easy to use, with the best transparency, over 65 loan originators, auto-invest, buyback guarantee and so much more. They are the index funds of P2P lending platforms.

With that out of the way, i feel that Mintos has started providing better returns lately. Which can also be seen from the 16,79% XIRR of August.Whether this is luck or a lot of prepayments i do not know. My account statement does not mention any increased level of prepayments.

You can sign up to Mintos by clicking this link. You will get a 1% cashback on all of your investments in 90 days.

MonthMintos incomeMintos portfolio valueXIRR

Mintos income increased with €2,63. The €200 deposit was in August and therefore should not have an effect on the income of August. However, it has increased a significant amount so i am excited to see what happens next month.


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 13%
  • Portfolio value: €459,53
  • Income this month: €5

Fastinvest has started to give a proper return again. First time i have gotten a €5 income in 1 month. However, i will not be looking to deposit any money on Fastinvest in the coming future as i feel they have broken my trust a bit.

Fastinvest has returned a stable €4,8-€5 a month (besides May and June). Therefore, i am keeping the funds on Fastinvest now that the income has stabilized again.

You can sign up on Fastinvest by clicking the link here.

MonthFastinvest incomeFastinvest portfolio valueXIRR


  • Started investing: Sep-18
  • Average interest rate: 9,88%
  • Portfolio value: €73,22
  • Income this month: €0,1

Swaper is a nice platform. However, as the XIRR from the table suggest the loans have delayed repayments, meaning that some months it looks like i am making a lot of money while i other months it is the opposite.

I have been thinking about putting some extra money on the platform. This would allow for a more stable return and due to the setup of the platform I would get a safer portfolio.

You can sign up for Swaper by clicking this link.

MonthSwaper incomeSwaper portfolio valueXIRR

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

The crypto market has been volatile in the last couple of months. It looks like there is a correlation to the stock market. The stock market has broadly recovered since the last couple of months and in relation the crypto market has gotten volatile.

Crypto Portfolio August 2019
Crypto Portfolio August 2019

The cryptos are not my focus right now and i will let them sit and pray they will increase like they did from April to May.

MonthCrypto valueDividendXIRRROIInvested

Interest Income on Crypto:

In the start of August i changed how i wanted to receive my interest. For a period i have been getting my interest in CEL token. However, i wanted to get some interest in the native coins.

This means that the total euro amount has dropped because you receive bonus interest when getting interest in CEL.

Crypto Interest Income
Crypto Interest Income

Index Funds

The index funds does as usual. They hold their value and only pays dividend in the start of the year. There is no change here and probably won’t be until an aggressive market bull run, collapse or we hit the start of the next year for dividends.

Index funds portfolio value - August 2019
Index funds portfolio value – August 2019
MonthMutual funds and index fundsDividendROI

My index funds does as they should. Providing me with a stable slow and steady growth. I have been thinking about making a monthly payment to increase my index fund portfolio size.

The reason i want to increase my index fund portfolio is because P2P lending has reached a significant amount of the total portfolio. index funds can give a lot of diversity to the platform. Furthermore, no one knows how P2P lending is going to act in a recession, while we know the stock market will drop and recover at some point.

How Others in the Community are doing

Some of these other bloggers are really killing it.

Blog Statistics

I stopped advertising for my blog last month. Therefore, the viewer count is much lower. However, i will no longer have advertising expenses. I have worked hard on improving my SEO on most of my posts and i have gotten a spike in google search traffic. I am really happy about the progress i have made this month.

In August 3 people used my affiliate links, however, non that made me any money. So we got 3 new P2P lending investors in this world. I hope you make some great returns!

I have completely removed ads from my page. I want the readers to have a slick experience, so when i thought about how i would enjoy the web page i immediately wanted to remove any non-relevant ads such as google ads. You will still experience ads for P2P lending platforms and a like, but that is because i use it myself and it is relevant for the site.

Conclusion of August 2019

All in all a catastrophic month with my personal finances, again. However, i have had some great progress on my organic searches, which i am very happy about. The coming months will be used to reduce my expenses. I have a big expense next month that i cannot avoid. However, i knew it was coming for a couple of months. So i will focus on keeping my expenses to a minimum.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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