Portfolio update: April 2019

April month has been a month with large growth. To some extend it could seem as a get rich quick scheme. From Marts to April my portfolio has gained 12%. This is more than the 8% the S&P500 ANNUALLY returns. Besides my get rich quick increases, not much has happened. I have had a big expense related to my newly acquired Omega Seamaster Professional from 2006. A major repair and refurbish of the watch from Omega themselves costed me 700 euro.

As a side note and interesting topic, Mintos has released their 2018 financial statement.

Total portfolio value April 2019
Total portfolio value April 2019

This month the P2P-lending and cryptocurrencies are what have generated the large increase. I have deposited 400 euros in the start of April to the P2p-lending portfolio. Cryptocurrencies have also seen a upside this month, hoping the next bullrun to start soon. I miss everyone screaming “moon” and “lambo” all over the social media, and the news calling it fake money.

Mintos has released financial statement for 2018!

Right of the bat it is clear that Mintos is in great growth. Mintos has funded 332 million euro in loans in 2017 and in 2018 they funded more than 1 billion euro.

Loans funded332 million<1 billion
Total registered investors43.45798.546
Loan originators2758

What i have shown in the table above is some of the key performance indicators (KPI) of Mintos. What we can see is a general large increase regards less of KPI. Furthermore, Mintos has provided a positive income again this year. However, this year the net income is significantly lower than last year.

Mintos financial statement 2018
Mintos financial statement 2018

To sum up, without to much boredom we can determine that Mintos had increased cost of within their administrative and employee benefits. Which makes sense since they have increased personal and funding of loans.

P2p income

The p2p income is coming along nicely. I deposited around 400 euro in April month on Mintos and Envestio. I hope to see an further increase in May due to the deposit.

P2P portfolio value
P2P portfolio value

Furthermore, my change of strategy on Mintos seems to bring gifts. My return is now 11,20 %. From mid feburay where i changed the strategy i have gone from 10,76% to 11,20%. Hence, in just one and a half month my return is increased 0,44%.

PlatformPortfolio valueInterest income

Stock value

In addition, my stocks has seen continuous growth. furthermore i received a nice amount of dividend this month. The payout came from Nordea and TopDanmark which is the two biggest returning in terms of dividend. Nordea yielded 8,66% in 2019, while TopDanmark yielded 4,63%.

Stock portfolio from April 2019 - Large increase to portfolio and nice dividends
Stock portfolio from April 2019 – Large increase to portfolio and nice dividends

While the general stocks are increasing i am starting to have my doubts about Gratomic INC. They keep falling in value with no news or updates on social media or their web page. I am starting to fear that they are working on a sell-out or a bankruptcy. However, the rest of my stocks are currently taking the stairway to heaven.

Top Danmark A/S5228,5
Novo nordisk B A/S6255,3
Carlsberg B A/S2226,9
Alibaba Group Holding1167,9
Novozymers B A/S6242,6
Chemometec A/S6135,6
Gratomic INC150039,6

Mutual and index funds

The stocks, mutual and index funds are correlating. The mutual and index funds are a reflection of the stocks. With my mutual and index funds being distributed in the Danish C25 index, growth stocks and international stable stocks i expect a stable increase or decrease.

Mutual and index funds portfolio - Slight increase and no dividends.
Mutual and index funds portfolio – Slight increase and no dividends.

During last month i stopped my monthly deposit for mutual and index funds. Hence, the portfolio will currently only depend on value increases as deposits will no longer be transferred monthly.

Index/mutual fundSharesPrice DKKTotal value
Maj invest vækstaktier12116186,8
Sparindex INDEX Globale akt min risk KL14139260,5
Sparindex INDEX OMX C25 KL7212199,1
Total value646,3


The cryptocurrencies looks to be blooming a bit recently. From the telegram groups were i get my news of crypto i cannot see any reason why the prices has begone to increase. I do not whine about an increase in my portfolio value, however i would like to know why the market behaves as it does. Nevertheless, yet another month with delightful increases.

Crypto portfolio for April 2019
Crypto portfolio for April 2019

Despite the fact i can not explain the market behavior i am pleased to see that cryptocurrencies are on the rise again. Most certainly hoping for a bull run in the near future, to cover some the of the 2018 losses.

CryptoAmountPriceTotal value
Lala world2.930,450000,0012

Conclusion of April 2019

To sum up i am delighted about the overall portfolio increases. First, i will try to increase my position in p2p platforms. Second, i will increase my cash holding. Furthermore, if a recession is to occur soon the platforms will hopefully handle it to a point where no money, or at least not much money is lost. Nevertheless i will have time on my side, hence a recovery will not be super difficult. Above all, in two years time i should make a decent amount of money to invest, making room for bigger investments.

In conclusion, my investment strategy is not a get rich quick opportunity. However, my portfolio this month has shown that it should not be impossible to get rich quick.

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