Bonus and Cashback Offers

Here are all the platforms I have either viewed, planned on reviewing, or using myself. Here you get a nice overview of each platform. If you want to see my personal returns using the platforms, consider looking at my monthly income updates.

P2P Lending Platforms

Platform Review Interest Minimum investment Loan term range (months) Buyback guarantee Auto-invest Secondary market Signup link + bonus
Review here6%-19,5%€101-200+YesYesYesMintos signup link
BitOfProperty LogoReview here6%-10%€501-5 yearsNoNoYesBitOfProperty signup link
Bulkestate ReviewReview here12%-18%€503-24NoYesNoBulkestate signup link
Viainvest logoReview here 11%€101-12YesYesNoViainvest signup link
Crowdestate reviewReview here 11%-18%€1001-42NoYesYesCrowdestate signup link
Crowdestor logoComing soon12%-21%€502-24NoNoNoCrowdestor signup link
SwaperReview here10%-14%€1014-30 daysYesYesNo2% additional interest with more than €5.000 invested – Swaper signup link
Estateguru logoReview here10,5%-13,5%€506-24NoYesNoEstateGuru signup link
PeerBerryComing soon10-14%€101-12YesYesNo0,5% additional interest at €10.000 invested – Peerberry signup link

Crypto Lending/Banking Platforms

Platform Review Interest Signup link
Celsius NetworkReview hereUp to 11%Celsius Network signup link – Get $10 worth of Bitcoin when depositing $200 or more
NexoComing soonUp to 8%Nexo signup link

Crypto Platforms

PlatformCryptos on platformSignup link

If any of my reviews or other posts are helpful to you, please use my affiliate links when signing up. It will at times give you a nice bonus, and you will give me a bonus as well, thank you so much.