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Have you ever wondered what it is like to blog and post your own thoughts on the internet? I have thought about a way to share my passions as investing, and money in general, seems to be a taboo. Blogging within the P2P lending niche is very competitively.

The answer is that blogging is REALLY easy. It is the part of getting people to read your posts that is difficult. While it is a mixture of easy and difficult i enjoy the sharing of my own thoughts. Blogging also allows for reflection of your own thoughts and betterment of your passion. Regardless of the niche you want to blog in, it is going to be difficult to start!

I will tell you the story of when i started doing blogging with P2P lending. I have been interested in investing in many years. Furthermore, I have been investing in several of years as well. Personally i have no problem with stocks, mutual funds and so on. However, as a person in the era of the internet i think newer innovations and technology is much more exciting. This is also why you will find that i am investing in both cryptocurrencies and P2P lending. Furthermore, as you can read on my about page i am employed to consult a software company which develops an artificial intelligence chip for enterprise use in drones. It is all newer technologies, and it makes me excited.

Even though the blog is only 5 months old i have learned a lot until now. I have watched countless of hours of Neil Patel, income school among others. While they are both good educators i have yet to see the hundred and thousands of page visits they are teaching.

Have a passion

This is important if you are not going to burn out. If you have followed income school or seen some of their videos, you will know they get questions from views asking if they should quit after 3 months with no blog visits. If you have a passion in something, could be fishing, motor sport, investing, watches and so on, you would like people to visit your posts. Ultimately you will have the hobby no matter if people visits your blog or not.

Therefore, it is important to have a passion/hobby which you care about.

For me the passion is investing. My passion is in the P2P-Lending niche. Furthermore, i find crypto exciting. However, P2P-Lending is what i see as the best opportunity investment wise.

Regularly when i try to initiate a investment conversation people are like “that is not worth it, you might not be here tomorrow” or “you can also lose money when investing”. I say that i nonsense. Not to say you cannot lose money when investing, investing is ups and downs. When you have downs you learn from them and move on! If you live with that mindset you cannot do anything. Therefore, i would rather invest and hope for glory days, than blow it all and live paycheck to paycheck without the possibility to afford what i actually want.

Why a passion is important

For me, i started the blog based on the idea of sharing my investments and how i proceed to invest. Hence, people might also be interested in following my investment strategies. While i keep track of all of my investments on a day-to-day basis, i did no tracking of how the investments where doing in the longer term.

For example i buy stocks from time to time, and while the platform tracks the status i have no idea of the actual performance over time. Through blogging i realized that i needed to track the stocks Acquisition Cost (AC) against their current price. This way i can see the percentage return.

Another example is my P2P-Lending platforms. Here i can see that i get daily income from all platforms. Typically you cannot see the percentage return on the platforms. As a result, i could have been getting a 2% annual return, without realizing. Therefore, i started calculating the Extended Internal Rate of Return (XIRR), to actively see the estimated annual returns with the current income.

Therefore, by blogging i got better for my own purpose. Furthermore, i hope it also increase the readability and trust of the blog. Therefore, when i claim i can reach returns of 20% you can see that i have actually got the returns which i claim.

Speaking of high returns. If you want to have 20% returns like me, you can sign up on Envestio here and get a 5€ bonus when depositing 100 EUR or more. Furthermore, you will get 270 days of 0,5% extra interest on ALL investments.

To the point!

The point i am trying to make is:

  • It is easy to write a blog. It is like having a word document where you write your progress/opinions/ideas/etc.
  • Getting traffic to your site is difficult. The more competitive the niche you are in, the more difficult it is.
  • Even with no visitors your passion is your passion.
  • You make progress on your own. This makes the quality of the blog better for potential readers, and it makes you more reflective of your posts/interests/work/etc.

Content: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Whether your want to start blogging about P2P lending, motor sport, bodybuilding, cooking or whatever, one thing i have learned is that content matters.

The good!

When you are learning how to scale your blog you will see the phrase SEO a lot. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is ways to trick Google and other search engines. So whenever you use SEO tools, it is ways that make the search engines think you have the content people want.

However, as Income School states, whenever they have tried to follow the SEO tools’ recommendations it has done nothing significant. What matters the most is to create quality content and have the content be super helpful. This means you have to do some proper research to make upwards of 5000 word articles. You can see the 17 WordPress mistakes to aviod from Income School.

Income Schools video on mistakes to avoid for new bloggers.

While it is important to say that SEO must not be ignored, you should not take it to serious.

This means that you can blog about anything as long as you put in the work to make good content for people to enjoy. Therefore, i am not scared of blogging about P2P lending, even thought the niche is so competitive. I just have to create quality content that people can derive value from.

Which bring me to the next topic…

The bad!

Sadly, there is also somethings bad about blogging. The bad part is when you are approaching a so competitive niche as P2P lending, it will take a long time to see any form of organic traffic. The bad therefore counter acts the good. Meaning that if you are blogging within P2P lending you either have to find the topic not yet blogged about, or outwork the other bloggers.

Therefore, when other bloggers have 3.000 word articles of the topics you find the most interesting, you have to make higher word count articles with better content. While that seems simple, there is also a limit to how many words you can put in an article without starting to make bad content. Remember, there is a reason the #1 in your google search cannot exceed their own word count.

Another bad part, if you want organic traffic, is that if you find a topic yet to be blogged about you have to fill it before someone else. This could mean that you would have to used hours upon hours creating a blog post in a topic you do not really care about.

The ugly!

I learned from different sources like income school and Neil Patel, that content is important. You just have to create content. Sometimes the content do not end up good, but then you publish it, keep going with you other posts, and when you cannot bare to see the post of your site anymore, you re-write it.

For example, i have made two posts about how to buy crypto. One is how to buy bitcoin and the other is how to buy altcoins. These posts are made because i think most posts out there are over complicated and lack simple images. While i am not proud of the posts, i see them as needed. The post on how to buy bitcoin is only 1200 words, and the one of buying altcoins is only 700 words. However, sometimes i just think people want a short and simple answer. And therefore i have made these posts. However, i will probably end up editing them later on.

Those types of articles are according to Income school and Neil Patel never going to see the light of day unless you get traffic to your website (or google change their search engine algorithm).

Have hosting

The last thing i have learned is that hosting is almost more important that the content. If your site is down from time to time, or the time to reach you websites server google is going to remove you from everything (with a grain of salt).

That is to say, if your provider has no optimization, has slow server speed and no security of their servers you will never rank on google.

The first thing you have to do before thinking about your first blog post is to find the best hosting provider. The hosting provider i can recommend is Siteground. Income School recommends bluehost. However, i can only tell what i have tried.

After i learned how important a good hosting provider was i researched the internet to find the next solution. The best solution for a fast, well optimized, and most secure (up-time of 99,99%) was Siteground. They even provide a 24/7 support with instant pickup on phone calls (i have tried myself) and a average response time on tickets of 10 minutes. If you want a fast, reliable and super helpful service provider signup at Siteground for only 3,95€ per month for the first year!

Web Hosting


The first thing which is important are having a passion you care about. This way you will not burn out as quick, whereas if you pick a random topic you will most likely burn out when you see no traffic.

The second thing is content. Content is what drives every blog site. Furthermore, having a blog which want to compete with the established internet, quality content is needed. While quality is important, remember to write about thing you care for.

The last thing, that can kill everything even before you start is the hosting. I can only recommend Siteground as they are the only once i have tried. However, you can pick anyone you want. But please, for your own good, do your research well on the hosting provider.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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