Category P2P Lending

The P2P lending category is for you to educate yourself. The most important thing about investing is to have a clear mind towards the investment purpose. Therefore, i have the P2P lending category, so you can research whether that is financial independence, passive income, high returns, low risk etc.

The P2P lending category will help you determine different investment platforms and types to use. This will depend on what type of investment you are looking into. Lets say you want to create low risk. In that instance you would go for P2P lending such as Mintos. Whereas, if you want high yielding returns you might go for Envestio or Grupeer. Therefore, i will try to cover the most essential topics in relation to the investment strategy that potentially could fit your need.


Envestio review

The review of Envestio is 100% unbiased and based on my personal experience and findings. In the Envestio review i will give my personal opinion of their service. In the Envestio review i will include the subjective aspects which i…
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Mintos review

If you are here, it means you want to know something about Mintos Peer-to-peer lending platform. I was looking around the internet, and thought about how all platforms seem to lack some diversification. Therefore, i found Mintos, and now i…
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Fastinvest review

Being on a lower income i wanted to invest without large fees and minimum investments of over €50. Searching for a suitable platform i found Fastinvest. Fastinvest seems like a promising platform, which gives me the low cost of entry…
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Mintos Income

Mintos is my favorite platform to invest with currently. Mintos offers great returns and a very high level of diversification. Mintos has offers over 400.000 loans consistently on the primary market. Furthermore, you will find 150.000+ loans consistently on the…
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Envestio Income

Current state of Envestio income Envestio logo Envestio has been my best passive income investment platform so far. I signed up through an affiliate link and gained additional 0,5 percentage in return. Envestio is my current favorite site, the only…
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