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Making an investment strategy on Mintos is very important if you want to secure a safe portfolio. Furthermore, by making a clever strategy you can achieve high returns while keeping your portfolio safe. Your Mintos investment strategy should reflect the risk levels you are willing to make. Therefore, you will have to evaluate the loan originators and features of Mintos to make calculated risk assessment. In this post, I will help you to implement an easy strategy that can get you are 13% interest rate with no defaults.

Personally I have reached a weighted average interest of +13%, with no defaulting loans. The secret is to have a strategy that provides high returns while having loan originators which haves buyback guarantee and interest on delayed loans. This way, you will accrue interest on delayed loans, and if they are more than 60 days delayed they will be bought back with interest.

Interest rate on Mintos
Interest rate on Mintos

The picture above shows the interest rate, loan term, and the loan types that the strategy I will describe in this post provides. This strategy will provide a stable income, with 13% in interest. You can follow my monthly income to see how much my interest rate has changed with this strategy. My monthly income can be viewed here.

My strategy is based on my personal experience from over 1 year of investing and what I have learned through other blogs.

Mintos Investment Strategy To Setup In Under 5 Minutes

If you just want to throw yourself at it, here is a TLDR (To Lazy Didn’t Read). The strategy is very simple to execute once you learn what to look for. The basics of the strategy is listed below.

  1. Only loans with buyback guarantee.
  2. B- Mintos Ratings and up (select your own risk tolerance).
  3. Only loan originators pay interest on delayed payments (Important).
  4. Auto-invest 1: from 13% and upon the primary market.
  5. Auto-invest 2: from 12% and up on the secondary market. Maximum of 60 months.
  6. Auto-invest 3: from 12% and upon the primary market. Maximum 12 months.

Setting up the Mintos auto-invest will take about 5 minutes if done efficiently.

1. Mintos Buyback Guarantee

Having a buyback guarantee is very essential if you do not want to lose money when going for the riskier loans. The buyback guarantee is used if a loan is more than 60 days past due date. The loan will be repurchased from the loan originator. However, it is important that the loan originators you choose has the financial fitness to repay you if the bad times should occur. This brings me to the second bullet-point, the Mintos rating.

2. Mintos Rating (Selecting A Risk Tolerance)

Selecting your risk level is one of the key aspects of your portfolio. Mintos has done some of the work for you if you are willing to use their judgment.

Mintos has done a rating of their loan originators, which they call “Mintos Rating”. The rating is a scale to quantify (put a number on something) the condition of the loan originators. While Mintos is interested in making money like any other business, they accept a higher risk being in the P2P lending business. To help the investors manage their risk, Mintos has made the Mintos Rating. The rating is a letter between A+ and D where A is best and D is worst.

Mintos Ratings of Loan Originators
Mintos ratings of loan originators

Mintos base their due diligence process on 5 different topics: operating environment (10%), company profile (15%), management and strategy (15%), risk appetite (20%) and financial profile (40%). Their due diligence process is a walkthrough of the 5 mentioned steps. Based on a grade from the different topics, the loan originators are ranked from A+ to D. The A+ ranking is for loan originators with good financials and have good management. Whereas the D ranked loan originators have financial trouble.

A good grade typically also means a low-interest rate, and a poor grade typically means a high interest rate. Hence, the risk to reward ratio is graded.

If you want to evaluate your risk based on another rating, you can visit

3. Selecting The Right Loan Originators

Selecting the right loan originators can be done in several ways. One is to let the Mintos rating decide, another is to go through ExplorerP2P’s Loan originator list, a third option is to make your own strategy based on the topics you find suitable for your strategy. If you are going to make your own strategy, I think you should consider covering the following topics:

  • Buyback guarantee
  • A personal rating of the loan originators (Look into the loan originators financials, management, historical track history and a look at their customer base, etc.)
  • Accruing interest on delayed payments

Accruing Interest On Mintos’ Loan Originator

To have a successful portfolio on Mintos it is important to include loan originators that offers accruing interest on their loans. Currently, ~20% of my portfolio is late. However, due to my selection of loan originators providing accruing interest on delayed loans, I will get the interest for the period the loans are late as well.

To find which loan originators provide accruing interest on delayed loans, you want to head to –> Loan originators –> Details. Here you will find a column called “interest income on delayed payments”. This will ensure that the late loans (because loans will be late, no matter the loan originators you select) will continue to generate interest income.

Interest on delayed payments
Interest on delayed payments

4. – 6. Interest Rate, Marketplace And Loan Term

From the 4. step of the Mintos investment strategy list, I have chosen to take every loan I can get above 13%. This is simply because there is not that many loans available with the criteria from the 3 previous bullets of the list with a 13% interest. Therefore, I do not limit the loan term. The 5. bullet from the list is 12% interest with a maximum loan term of 60 months. Based on my personal experience I have found that loans that are longer than 5 years (60 months) do not give higher than 12% interest. Therefore, I have limited the loan duration to 60 months. Otherwise, my auto-invest would be funded in seconds with loans above 60 months with a 12% interest. Therefore, to get a better chance of higher interest loans.

The last and 6. bullet in the list is if I no longer can find loans that can provide me with more than 12% interest. Then I will find loans on the primary market which gives 12% at a maximum of 12 months. I have limited the loan term to 12 months. Hence, the loans will be paid back in bigger chunks so it can be reinvested at a faster rate, if loans with higher interest becomes available.

Mintos Invest & Access

Another strategy Mintos provides themself is the “Mintos Invest & Access”. It is an automatically created portfolio. You deposit a minimum of €500. The Invest & Access is made for investors who want to be the first to acquire high in demand loans and to diversify between loans.

The Invest and access strategy provides an average interest rate of 10,03%. Which is not a very high interest rate, compared to what I have managed to achieve.

Mintos Invest & Access
Mintos Invest & Access

I am following different forums on Facebook and Reddit about P2P lending platforms. While I have no experience of the Invest & Access investment portfolio myself, I have found from the forums that people are seeing up to 50% late payments. Remember, the Invest & Access portfolio does not only include loan originators which provides accruing interest on delayed loans. Therefore, you could worst case have a portfolio with 50% late payments, which does not even give you the interest of the delayed time.

While the “Mintos Invest & Access” portfolio is literally depositing €500 to your account and forget about it, it only generates 10% interest.


Having a Mintos investment strategy is important to the success of your average interest rate and default rate. With the provided 6 bullet list I have personally achieved an average interest rate of 13%. Furthermore, I have never had any defaults (loans which are not repaid, that I would have to pay for). The strategy is simple and with this simple guide, you should be able to implement the strategy within 5 minutes yourself.

If you prefer to do literally nothing yourself and are happy with a 10% average interest rate, you can also go for the Invest and Access portfolio offered by Mintos themselves. However, I would recommend you to use the auto-invest tool and implement the strategy I have provided you in the post, or at least make one yourself.

If you are not on Mintos yet, you can sign up using my affiliate link to get an extra 0,5% interest income on your first 90 days.

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