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Mintos is my favorite platform to invest with currently. Mintos offers great returns and a very high level of diversification. Mintos has offers over 400.000 loans consistently on the primary market. Furthermore, you will find 150.000+ loans consistently on the secondary market.

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Current state of Mintos income

Mintos is one of my passive income accounts in p2p-lending. My account is returning about 8-10 euro a month. However, i have discovered new information which should allow me to increase my returns slightly. My old strategy was to keep my money safe, selecting all loan originators with a B+ or greater rating and Buyback guarantee. This meant an average return of ~10%. My new strategy was to set higher requirements and i have sorted out originators which do not pay interest on delayed loans. With the new strategy my average return is ~13.5%. Furthermore, it seems as if Mintos has started releasing higher yielding loans on their platform.

Mintos income - June 2019
Mintos income – June 2019
Mintos portfolio value - June 2019
Mintos portfolio value – June 2019
MonthMintos incomeMintos portfolio valueXIRR

Comments of Mintos income

For now i will leave the Mintos portfolio as is. I want to investigate if the returns will increase with the new strategy. I have had zero problems with Mintos so i will keep my funds to accumulate. Hence i will not look towards increase the size of my current portfolio in Mintos. However, if the returns will be increasing i might look into it. Mintos is a one of the bigger P2P sites so if we are close to recession i would rather have my funds on a bigger site which can take a financial lose for a period. Mintos as passive income is really great when the auto-invest is set properly, and for now i will just enjoy.

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