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Updated: 03-12-2019

Mintos is my favorite platform to invest with currently. Mintos offers great returns and a very high level of diversification. Mintos frequently has 400.000 loans consistently on the primary market. Furthermore, you will find 150.000+ loans consistently on the secondary market.

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Performance – Mintos income

Mintos Income
Mintos Income
Mintos Portfolio Value
Mintos Portfolio Value
MonthMintos incomeMintos portfolio valueXIRR

Mintos is one of my passive income accounts in P2P lending. My account is returning about 8-10 euros a month. However, I have discovered new information which should allow me to increase my returns slightly. My old strategy was to keep my money safe, selecting all loan originators with a B+ or greater rating and Buyback guarantee. This meant an average return of ~10%. My new strategy (which you can read here) was to set higher requirements and I have sorted out originators which do not pay interest on delayed loans. With the new strategy, my average return is ~13.5%. Furthermore, it seems as if Mintos has started releasing higher-yielding loans on its platform.

Comments of Mintos income

I want to investigate if the returns will increase with the new strategy. I have had zero problems with Mintos so I will keep my funds to accumulate. Mintos is one of the bigger P2P sites so if we are close to a recession I would rather have my funds on a bigger site which can take a financial loss for a period. Mintos as passive income is really great when the auto-invest is set properly, and for now, I will just enjoy it.

Visit my portfolio page to follow the total increase in my portfolio.


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