Category Income

This category contains the monthly income and portfolio updates.

You should be able to find all updates from January 2019 in this category. In the monthly updates a discussion of how the month has gone; in terms of increases and decreases in value. Furthermore, the interest and dividend income will be discussed in terms of investment strategy changes.

The month-to-month changes will be elaborated to give you, the viewer, an understanding of how i diversify and invest on a month to month basis.

At last, this category is to help you track my performance over the months/years; so you can determine whether you want to use the same strategy as i have.

Fastinvest Income

FastInvest logo Current state of Fastinvest income Fastinvest is a nice passive income source. This is due to their simplicity and the fact that there is almost nothing to consider when investing in loans. I have been getting a return…
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Mintos Income

Mintos is my favorite platform to invest with currently. Mintos offers great returns and a very high level of diversification. Mintos has offers over 400.000 loans consistently on the primary market. Furthermore, you will find 150.000+ loans consistently on the…
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Envestio Income

Current state of Envestio income Envestio logo Envestio has been my best passive income investment platform so far. I signed up through an affiliate link and gained additional 0,5 percentage in return. Envestio is my current favorite site, the only…
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