How to Invest on Mintos (Mintos Tutorial)

Have you been recommended investing on Mintos or looked at the Mintos P2P lending and found the investing opportunity to something you want to try? This post is a walkthrough of the platform, a Mintos tutorial if you will. I can help you get an overview of ways to start investing on Mintos. I have been using Mintos P2P lending platform for over a year and have gotten a 12% return the first year.

Investing on the P2P lending site Mintos is simple. The first thing to do is open an account on the site. When the account is verified using Mintos’s verification process, it is possible to deposit funds. Thereafter, the last step is to set up the way you want to invest.

Going through the basic steps will help you make sure to follow the guidelines, just as Mintos describes. I am here to comfort you in the process, remember I have done the process myself.

Sign up on Mintos

To sign up on Mintos you can simply follow my affiliate link to Mintos P2P lending platform. I will get a commission by referring you, furthermore, you will get 0,5% cashback when using my link (Win/Win). If you would rather sign up without getting the bonus you can go directly to Mintos.

Signing up on Mintos is a fairly simple process. The first step is to enter your personal (or business email if you invest as a company) into the field. At the writing of this post, Mintos has 238.207 investors with a score of 4,3 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Therefore, you will not be the first to “risk” yourself and your money. Many are happy with the platform and Mintos is growing at an exponential rate.

Mintos Investor Registration
Mintos Investor Registration

When you have entered your email, you are asked to provide your individual or company information. The individual information is simple and easy. The company registration is not complex but requires some additional information, such as company name and company registration number and so on.

Mintos second step on registration
Mintos second step on registration

The account is now made. However, to use your account you have to verify as an individual. This includes stating your residence country, address, etc. Mintos only accept the following:

“Individual investors must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account in the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU, and have their identity successfully verified by Mintos.”

Then you are asked to join “Mintos insights” which is basically just a newsletter for the Mintos platform. You can choose to join or just skip it, it has no impact on your investments.

What happens now is that you have to fully identify your identity. Mintos has to identify your identity as a part of money laundering and terrorism financing laws.

This step might make you uncomfortable. However, this is how any financial service has to register personal identity through the internet. P2P lending investors are required to do this on any platform (if a platform does not has this step it is a red alert!).

When your identity is verified, you can start depositing funds. Lastly, you can start to invest, whenever the funds have arrived. These two steps will be put into headings for a better explanation.

Deposit Funds to Mintos Account

When you have gotten verified, you need to deposit some money before you can invest (obviously). There are 3 ways to deposit money, bank transfer, direct transfer, and e-money service provider.

These 3 methods are easy to do, and if you are familiar with any of them you know it is a simple process.

Bank Transfer

The bank transfer is done like any other bank transfers. You log in to your bank, make a wire payment to the details that you find under your menu in Deposit / Withdrawal / FX → Deposit.

Bank transfer to Mintos
Bank transfer to Mintos

This type of transfer takes up to 3 days and for most people, it also costs a fee. The fee is charged by your bank for sending it to cross-border banks and for the currency exchange. This is where the direct transfer and E-money service providers come to play!

Direct Transfer

A direct transfer is as easy as buying an item online. When using the Trustly service you are presented with the picture as below. You will have to decide how much you are going to deposit and click “Make a deposit with Trustly”.

Direct transfer to Mintos
Direct transfer to Mintos

When you have clicked the “make a deposit with Trustly” you are presented with the “Select bank” screen. Check that the country it suggests is the correct, followed by selecting the bank which you use.

Choice of bank when using Trustly
Choice of bank when using Trustly

From here it is like logging into your bank. When the login has found place you confirm that you want to transfer the funds.

Within a few minutes, your money is in the Mintos account and you can start investing! However, if you deposit more than €5.000 it can take up to 3 days.

E-money Service Provider

The last way to transfer funds is to use an E-money service provider. These service provider often has no transfer fees and a very low exchange rate for currencies. This is why it is quite attractive to have if your bank charges fees when depositing funds to cross-border banks.

E-money service provider to Mintos
E-money service provider to Mintos

When using an E-money service provider like TransferWise or Revolut it is like making a bank transfer. You find the details provided by Mintos in the Deposit / Withdrawal / FX Deposit E-Money service provider. You will have your money within 2 days.

Choose Investments

Because Mintos is such a big platform there are so many different ways to invest. You can see how I make my auto-invest settings and you can see which loan originators I choose to invest with.

Manual Investing

Manual investing is by far the most active way to invest in loans on Mintos. Manual investing is reached by entering the “invest” menu on the top. Hereafter, entering the primary market or secondary market.

When you are new on the platform I would only recommend using the primary market, as the secondary market can hold bad loans that investors want to get rid of.

How to invest in loan manually on Mintos
How to invest in loan manually on Mintos

When entering the primary market there are sorting options to choose from when trying to find loans.

The sorting options hold very valuable filters that you as an investor can use to minimize your risk. It is possible to filter on currencies, loan originators, loan types, loan originator rating, buyback guarantee, the status of the loans and much more.

Use these filters to your advantage when you start investing.

Auto Invest – “Mintos Investment Strategies”

There are two options when you make a auto-invest strategy. There is the standard “Mintos investment strategies” and the custom auto investment strategy.

The Mintos investment strategies are 3 different strategies that focus on different parts of the loan market. I would not recommend either of these strategies.

Mintos' own auto-investment
Mintos’ own auto-investment

However, if you trust the strategies Mintos has made you can choose either of the 3. What I suggest is making your own auto-invest strategy.

Custom Auto Investment Strategy

The custom auto investment strategy can be made by entering the menu Invest Auto-invest Create new Auto invest strategy. Then proceed to enter the custom strategy.

In the custom auto-invest strategy, you can choose any parameters that are available on Mintos. Whether you want to invest in the primary market, secondary market, which currency, which loan originators, interest rate, loan term, etc. Some of the filters that you saw in the manual investing section are also available in the custom auto-invest strategy selection.

To get greater information on which loan originators to invest with, you can go to Mintos’ own detailed information on the loan originators, or simply read through my post about which loan originators to choose to be safer.

Understand Your Investment Income (Account Statement)

When you have started your investments and you start to generate interest income you must know what you earn. This can both be for personal tracking of your portfolio of tax purposes.

Nevertheless, you will have to understand the “Account Statement” section. In the section, there is multiple different transaction types. Since I started investing I have the following:

  • Deposits – Deposits made to fund account.
  • Investment – Investments in the primary market.
  • Principal received – The investment amount that has been returned from investments.
  • Interest received – Interest received is the income you get from investments.
  • Late fees received – Late fees is an old (not used anymore) transaction that was meant for paying investors a fee if a loan was late.
  • Secondary market transactions – Any purchase or sell made on the secondary market.
  • Cumulative repurchases of loan parts – A repurchase of multiple loans from the same loan originator.
  • Principal income on rebuy – Early repayment of loans, loan term extension, buyback of loan, and loan agreement amended.
  • Interest income on rebuy – Income from the principal income on rebuy loans.
  • Discount/premium on secondary market transactions – Sells and purchases made on the secondary market made on a discount or premium.
  • Incoming currency exchange transaction – Currency exchanged under your “Account Statement” currency.

In essence, what is interesting for you is the “Interest received” and “Interest income on rebuy”.


You now have made an account on Mintos, verified your identity, deposited funds, and played a little with the strategies on Mintos. You are now fully set to play around with what works best for you.

My last recommendation is to use the auto-invest option with the setting that you find suitable for a passive investment experience.

Lastly, if you have any knowledge or questions you can read my in-depth review of Mintos or send me an email to and I shall do my best to help you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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  1. Hey – I’m using your strategies on Mintos and it seems good so far. Now it’s the end of the month and I find that the statements you can generate on Mintos are really hard to understand where they’re pretty straight forward on Bondora for example. Perhaps you could write something about how to understand Mintos’ statements?

    • Hi Asger,
      I will look to include that in a post (maybe this one). I see it might be overlooked and should be addressed.

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