How to Increase Your Income Online

Increasing your income online can be a difficult task. However, there is many ways to either make small amounts of money, and all the way to the fat stacks that can replace your day job. Building more income can be done at your current workplace, at home, on the go and from your hobbies. Through this post you will have helpful examples on how to increase your income online.

In short, increasing you income can be done in many ways. Making money online, can be done through niche site which either sells a physical product, or you can make it an affiliate site. Using a website to get more income, can also be done as a passive income source. Investing allows you to create an additional income source without working more. Creating multiple sources of income can improve you overall financial health.

If you want to learn how to never work again, you can read my guide to financial independence. Through the simple 8 step process you will learn how to never have a day job again.

The phrase goes:”It takes money to make money”. However, starting a website can be done for as little as €3,95 a month. Investing can be done free, only requiring your cash to invest. So the phrase holds truth, but costs is no longer an excuse.

How to Make Money Online

Making money online is a every-mans craft. There is nothing which you cannot make money on, on the internet. Making some extra cash can be both difficult and easy online.

Whether you are looking for a quick buck or a long term option, there is ways to utilize the internet for some income. Making quick income will typically be in the very small size, while the long term options has the potential to replace your day job income. However, doing a long term option will yield small to no income in the start.

A long term money generator will require a lot of discipline. When you have worked hard enough, there is a small possibility that you can turn it into a passive income source.

How to make money online
How to make money online

Five Good Examples of Online Income Generators

  1. Affiliate sites
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Physical products
  4. Surveys
  5. Selling your own expertise

Make Income With Affiliate sites

Making an website can be very profitable. Whether it is to blog or sell products there is money to be made. When you create an affiliate site, it is typically a blog. Furthermore, starting a blog is very inexpensive!

To blog you must have an interest in something and the passion to learn about it. The passion which you can blog about can be anything. There is no limit to what you can share on the internet. There are a lot of different ways to create a blog, and you should consider how you want the blog to be.

To monetize a blog you will have to find affiliate links. A common way to monitize blogs are through Amazon. A blog site can be about cats, where you share your experience with different brushes or litter trays. Then you review some products, and simply links to the products on amazon with your affiliate link. When people purchase something on amazon you get a commission. You gave them some valuable information, and they paid you back in commission from the sale.

Another way to monetize blogs is lead generation. This method is when you collect information about the visitors and then funnel visitors to another website (just like when doing affiliate links). The leads are then “sold” to the company you are affiliated with, and they take the process of selling their products from there. Every valid sale they get from your lead, is then granted a commission.

Make Money With Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a hot topic currently. Dropshipping is when you sell a product but never is in contact with the physical product. In essence this means, when your web-shop sells a product, you purchase the product from a third-party and the third-party ships it directly to the customer.

If you have a particular hobby. Lets say you are into mountain bikes. You can combine a blog with dropshipping. On the blog site you can have affiliate links to products you have used yourself. Then on the shop site, you can have branded products.

What makes dropshipping smart is the fact that you do not have any inventory or manufacturing. Furthermore, you only buy a product, when someone buys a product from you.

Making Money Selling Physical Products

Much like dropshipping, you create an website. The website will be a shop for what ever products you like to sell. Selling physical products can be very profitable, and you decide how much to sell. You can simply set up the inventory which you have good information about. When ever a customer has questions, you can respond in a professional manner.

What is great about selling physical products, is that it can be literally anything. If you are making furniture out of found wood, you can sell it. If you are making some cloth in your spare time, you can make that a business as well.

One of the cons selling physical products is that you will have to do the manufacturing (unless you are reselling) and you have to ship the products. Therefore, you will have to arrange packaging and shipping yourself.

Take Surveys For Some Extra Cash

Every website on the internet talking about money, mentions surveys. While i think surveys are a very good way to make a quick buck, it is very minimal to how much you can actually earn. Each survey typically pays between €0,5 to €15. Where €15 is rare, and not frequently available.

The time it takes to complete a survey varies from the different providers. But do not expect more than €0,5-€5 for a 30 minute survey.

What a lot of other articles say is “take online surveys”. While we all know they can be effective for some extra cash, they typically pay so little that almost anything else is a better alternative.

Be An Expert And Sell Your Own Expertise

The last option is to be an expert. Being an expert can be both difficult and easy. If you are an expert on your day job, you can go home after work and make a blog where you share your expertise.

You can monetize the website through consultancy. If your information is very valuable, you will get customers who wants to know what to do, according to your knowledge.

There are different ways to sell your expertise. One way, is like mentioned to sell consultancy. What you will find on many websites, is Ebooks or courses. They are both a very effective way to earn both passive income, but also increase your income online significantly. When you have created the Ebook or course, it is out there, and everyone landing on you website is eligible to purchase you knowledge.

When creating a website, Siteground has both Woocommerce and WordPress auto-install. Woocommerce is a website template to build an online store. WordPress is the template for a website to build a blog. You can sign up for just €3,95 per month, instead of the original price of €9,95. You can sign up on Siteground through my link to get the price of €3,95.

Increase Your Income Online Without Working More

One thing everyone wishes to achieve is to increase their income without working more. If you have some disposable income you can actually increase your income online without having to work more.

Planting a seed that will grow
Planting a seed that will grow

So why does it require disposable income to make more money without working. The answer is actually simple. It is because you will have to invest.

It is no secret that investing is one of the most favorable ways to increase your income, also online.


Investing in stocks are a very simple task. You register at a broker, find an attractive stock and purchase a share of a business. Investing in stocks are desirable because you can get a share of a company you like. So if you are a huge Apple fan, you can purchase shares of Apple.

The problem with individual stock picking is that you have to purchase 20-100 different stocks to diversify your risks adequately. This is a really expensive task. Furthermore, you are your own portfolio manager, which means that you have to follow the market, to know if your stocks are increasing or decreasing in value.

The upside to individual picking is that you are not going to pay management fees or fund fees.

To make money investing in stocks, you have to pick a stock which can perform better than their competitors. Over time the stock increase in value, and when you sell the stock for a profit you have made some money. The profits you have made can be done very passive if you are long term. However, the shorter term you are going for, the more work you have to put in.

Dividend Paying Stocks

A common strategy which can be found from investors is a dividend based portfolio. Dividends is what a company pays to investors of the profits which the company makes. Not every company pays dividend, and the return varies. The low spectrum of dividend is 1%, where as the high spectrum is ~7%.

Dividend paying stocks are just stocks, which pays investors some profits. Which means that you can get the same value increase. The benefit of the dividend paying stocks, is that even when the stocks are decreasing you are paid something in return.

Dividend paying stocks are usually for the investor willing to wait for a longer period of time. When investing in dividend paying stocks you go for the compounding effect. This means that whenever the stocks pay you dividends you reinvest the dividend right back into the stocks. This way you will get paid more for every time you get a dividend payment.

Index Funds

The reason why index funds are good, is that you can passively follow the investment. You are not required to do any work, other than selling or buying (which takes a couple of minutes).

Index funds are the opposite to individual stock picking. An index fund is a grouping of stocks within an industry, small companies, large companies, country focused, etc. The index funds therefore just tracks the stocks, and are not trying to beat the market.

Professional investors like Warren Buffet recommend the average person to invest in index funds rather than individual stocks. Furthermore, what is commonly found in 401k and IRAs is index funds. The index fund follows what ever index it tracks. This also means there are less fluctuation in your account. So when the market goes up, your index fund holdings raise the average of the entire index. The same holds true when the value is decreasing.


Exchange-Trade Funds (ETF) are a collection of securities. ETFs can be a combination of stocks, commodities, bonds or a mixture of different investment types.

There are a variety of EFT types:

  • Bond ETFs – which can include government bonds, corporate bonds, etc.
  • Industry ETFs – which tracks a particular industry such as technology, finance, oil, etc.
  • Commodity ETFs – which invest in common commodities such as crude oil or gold.
  • Currency ETFs – investing in currencies to hedge a profit.
  • Inverse ETFs – Invests in shorting stocks, to gain a profit.

The advantage of ETFs is that there is a large diversification. Furthermore, ETFs are generally a low expense option. However, actively managed ETFs have a higher fee.

P2P Lending Platforms

P2P lending is a growing industry. P2P lending is the financial method of when a P2P lending platform agrees to a fixed interest rate with a borrower, and investors then fund their loan. Borrowers can go to P2P lending platforms for multiple reasons. The rumor is that if a borrower is rejected at the bank, they just go to a P2P lending platform to fund their loans. However, this is not true. In many cases, the borrower can get lower interest at the P2P lending platform than at the bank. Furthermore, the P2P lending platforms makes thorough evaluations of the borrowers.

You can read the P2P lending legislation in Europe in plain English at my P2P Lending Legislation Article.

How P2P Lending Works

One of key findings from the legislation is that P2P lending platforms are obligated to protect both their investors, but also there borrowers. Therefore, they cannot provide loans for everyone.

What makes P2P lending significantly more attractive, in relation to index funds or stocks is the return P2P lending can provide. The biggest P2P lending platform has an average interest income for investors of 12,22%. Mintos has issued close to 3 billion worth of loans. Furthermore, they have over 170.000 registered investors (including me). Another P2P lending platform, which are more focused on high yielding returns are Envestio average return is 18,51%. However, they are a smaller platform with ~8500 registered investors (including me) and has issued €20 million worth of loans.

P2P lending is a newer alternative investment. P2P lending has been open to the public in about 10 years. Therefore, the data for returns over longer periods of time is lacking. Furthermore, there is no indication of how P2P lending will do in a recession. However, i personally believe, based on my research on P2P lending legislation that P2P lending will be like stocks under a recession. Some will simply not have the money to pay of their loans, and therefore, some will default.

The major benefits of P2P lending as an investor is that you will make full use of the compounding effect. Most P2P lending platforms has an auto-investment tool. On platforms like you can setup an auto-invest tool to do everything for you. In essence this means that you can get the average income of 12,22% without doing anything. Furthermore, if you sign up through my affiliate link you get an additional 1% cashback. You can use my link here and sign up at

Creating Multiple Sources of Income

Having income is always a pleasure. Having multiple incomes are even better. The discussed methods to increase income can be replicated to create multiple income sources. What ever you do and has planned for the future, you should always be aiming to be an investor. Robert Kiyosaki has made the best seller called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Here he kills the myth, that low income individuals cannot become rich. In the sequel: Rich Dad, Cash-flow quadrant he explains the cash-flow quadrant, also known as the income quadrant.

Income Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
Income Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Whenever you are an employee, your time is traded for money. Therefore, you have a maximum as to how much you can earn. The absolute maximum an employee can earn is 24×7 times the hourly wage. You might get bonus or commission based on your performance, but being an employee has its limits.

Going for self employment can give a lot more freedom. Reaching self employment can be done as discussed, with selling your own expertise. This has the potential to increase your income as you can determine your own hourly wage. If you are an expert in a sought-after field, you can increase your income significantly from being an employee.

If you evolve the selling of your expertise to a consultancy firm, you are suddenly a business owner. Being a business owner, lets you take the same freedom as when being self-employed. However, with the main benefit that as a business owner, you have the potential to earn even more than when being self-employed. Having other peoples time to make you money, you can start focusing on being an investor.

As an investor you make money work for you. This means that if you invest in a start-up business you think has a potential to grow, your income is not determined based of your work. This way you can increase you income passively, or actively by sharing knowledge from your own success (often refereed to as a angel investor).

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, described the very basics of how to start properly manage your financials. You can purchase Robert Kiyosaki’s book at amazon. Click here to see the lastest price on Amazon.

The Income Streams

Rather than overthinking how to increase your income online, you should just get started. Starting to create multiple sources of income is not a bad idea. Having your day job is one income, starting an blog can be the second, and investing in to P2P lending can be the third.

By taking care of the routine job you have, and going home and blogging about a topic you are passionate about, and investing some of your money into P2P lending generates three different sources of income while doing something you like (maybe not your day job). There is no limit to how many income streams you should have.

When you have created one successful blog, you can always start another. Same goes for investing. If you want to diversify you cash in different investments, you can go for both dividend stocks and P2P lending.

Furthermore, it does not matter if you have a day time job, and a weekend job. That is still two incomes. Which increases your income, and with that income you can invest into other options.


Making money online has never been easier. The assess to information has never been better. Therefore, you have no excuse not to start your own business. Whether that is to make a blog with affiliate marketing, or going to sell physical products you homemade is completely up to you.

Increasing your income without working more, can be done through investing. With the many passive options there is available for everyone around the earth, there is no excuse not to be investing to gain an additional income. Increasing your income through investing can be a great way to make your money work for you, while you are focusing on creating a blog, web store, etc.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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