Grupeer Loan Originators – Full Overview

It seems that Grupeer was a scam. There is compelling evidence that there is fake loan originators and projects on the platform. For now, ignore the platform completely as you will most likely lose your money if you deposit anything.

You can go follow the progress of the communities findings in the telegram group here:

Do you feel like you need a better overview of Grupeer loan originators? Maybe not, you say. But once you are presented to the table I am about to provide you, you will get the full overview of the loan originators.

Grupeer has made a rating of their loan originators. The risk categories Grupeer has created goes from A to F. The A and B is the low-risk category. C and D are the medium-risk categories. Where E and F are the acceptable risks.

This is nice for the investors when they want to manage their risks.

While none of Grupeer’s loan originators have ever experienced a default (from their current loan originators), risk ratings will be used for the investor to manage their risk.

Grupeer Loan Originator Snippet
Grupeer Loan Originator Snippet

In this post, I will give an overview of the loan originators available on Grupeer. Furthermore, I will present an easy and nice to read an overview of Grupeer’s information on loan originators.

If you are interested I have made an extensive review of the Grupeer P2P lending platform.

What to Look at Before Investing With A Loan Originator

With most investments, you have to diversify and manage your risk. When using P2P lending you can diversify across platforms, but you can also diversify by loan originators.

Grupeer has a total of 22 loan originators. Grupeer has developed their own rating to grade their loan originators to help the investors to manage their risk.

It is important to consider a variety of factors before wildly investing, in anything. The factors I look for are:

  • Track Record of Loan Originators
  • Grupeer’s Own Rating of the Loan Originators
  • Pledge of Assets
  • BuyBack Guarantee

Track Record of Loan Originators

Using the information about the loan originators which Grupeer provides. Going to the loan originators overview you can select the loan originator you which to investigate. You can see the loans funded, loans issued, loans funded in euro and much more.

This information should be used to look at the defaults of the loan originators. Furthermore, looking at the loans funded in euro divided by the number of loans funded can tell something about the average loan size per loan. If the average loan size is high, I would expect a guarantee by assets or buyback guarantee. This is simply due to the fact that, the higher the loan size, the higher the risk is.

Grupeer Rating of Loan Originators

While Grupeer is not transparent in the numbers (E.g. if they have used the loan originators financial statements, or interviewed the companies and got numbers that way), it is an indicator for us as investors how they value their loan originators. Grupeer is a business, so they are not trying to cheat us. However, we cannot solely rely on the risk rating.

Grupeer Loan Originator's Rating
Grupeer Loan Originator’s Rating

In the picture above, the three risk categories are described, as by Grupeer themselves. When comparing to the Mintos rating, the Grupeer rating is overall more positive. This could be due to the none existing default rate on Grupeer.

Pledge of Assets

Pledging of assets is giving security in the loan by an underlying asset, such as stocks, real estate or personal guarantees.

Having the loan originator pledge assets to secure the loans is a sign of security and security to repay portions of the debt if it happens to default.

Grupeer BuyBack Guarantee

Having a buyback guarantee is one of the most used securities of loans in the P2P lending industry. There is a reason for this, it is very effective both to make the loan originator meet their obligations, but also to keep the investors happy on the platforms.

Grupeer is no different. Most of their loan originators offer buyback guarantee on their loans. This is a good security for the investors. Remember the buyback guarantee offered by Grupeer is if the borrower defaults the loan. This means that you cannot get the loan bought back at any time you want.

All Grupeer’s Loan Originators

In the table below, all relevant information about the loan originators on Grupeer is listed in an overview. You can filter by search and sort the columns to your liking.

Is Grupeer Safe?

There are several investors that have used Grupeer for long periods of time. Financiallyfree has been investing with Grupeer since April 2018.

Grupeer uses their blog to communicate with their investors. Through their blog, they give reasons for loan originators leaving the platform and what it means to the investors.

The loan originator Kviku was discontinued as there was a lack of interest from the investors. This made Grupeer discontinue the loan originator as a response to the investors of Grupeer.

Selecting the Best Grupeer Loan Originators

Selecting the best loan originator depends on the goal you have. If you want to maximize your profit you would select the high yielding loan originators. Whereas if you are to go for a safe investment strategy, you would go for the A and B ratings with pledge assets.

Personally I am going for profit maximization, with some safety adjustment. So far there is no defaulted loans on Grupeer (from their current loan originators). As long as Grupeer and their loan originators manage to repay the loans on time, I will invest in loans that have interest rates of 13 percent and higher. Furthermore, I select loans with buyback guarantee.

You can follow my monthly portfolio updates to see how my investments are progressing (including Grupeer) in the link here. You can also go directly to my Grupeer income page.

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Grupeer’s loan originators are graded by Grupeer themselves. The rating consists of multiple factors, in which the investors do not have an inside. Using this post it is possible to get a full overview of the loan originators, what to be aware of before investing and how to mitigate the risk.

Selecting the best loan originators varies based on risk willingness. It is easy to manage your risk on Grupeer using its auto-invest option. Furthermore, there is not registered any defaulted loans at the current loan originators.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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