Cheap Homemade Iced Coffee – Cheaper and Better Than Starbucks!

Iced coffees are delicious and have a great taste. If you don’t like coffee, iced coffee is an alternative which can be altered in taste with different creamers and syrups. If you have ever tasted an iced coffee from a Starbucks, Espresso House or other coffee cafes you will know that they taste nothing like a straight cup of coffee.

However, I think that it is way too expensive to pay upwards of €10 for an iced coffee on cafes. I make iced coffee from home and it has the perfect taste and in this post I will share with you how you can make an iced coffee tasting just like the once from cafes for under €0,2 per cup!

Iced coffee for only €0,18
Iced coffee for only €0,18

I have researched the costs of making ice coffee at home, compared to what it would cost if you were to buy it at Starbucks or other cafes. I regularly hear co-workers talking about the price of their coffee and how good it tastes (to justify the ridiculous cost). While a cup of home-brewed coffee only costs about €0,05 I know several people who would go to a cafeteria or Starbucks to get a €2 or even more expensive coffee. It gets, even more, worse if they go to buy ice coffee. Most ice coffees are only a half cup of coffee combined with a creamer. Just adding the creamer can make cafeterias and Starbucks (and alike) stores charge around €5 for a cold coffee with creamer.

Before getting to the recipe, I would like to show you the costs of home-brewed iced coffee compared to the cafes.

The Costs of Home Brewed Iced Coffee

The costs of home-brewed coffee depends heavily on what you want in the iced coffee. If you hate the taste of coffee and therefore uses 4 syrups in large quantities, you will, of course, have higher costs than just an iced coffee with some creamer. However, I will give you my recommendation on how you can make a perfectly good Starbucks like coffee for less than €0,2. I will also show you my recommendation if you like some syrup in your iced coffee, which is less than €0,7 per cup. Amazing, right?

Home brewed Iced Coffee With Creamer

A home-brewed iced coffee can be extremely cheap compared to the cafe’s iced coffee. I call it the “Frugal ice coffee” inspired by Graham Stephan coffee video. It makes sense, it costs less than €0,2 and it tastes like the iced coffee you can get in cafes.

Recipe and costs of Iced Coffee
Recipe and costs of Iced Coffee

Not to get technical but I will add some comments on how I got to these numbers.

I use about 25 grams of coffee powder per 1,25 liters of water per brew of coffee. The coffee powder I have is 500 grams and costs €5,37. This means that the coffee powder can make me 25 liters of coffee (or 167 cups of iced coffee) at a price of €0,03 per cup.

The almond milk I am using costs €2,01, a full container is 990 ml. I use 75 ml for every iced coffee. This means in each cup of iced coffee I use €0,15. A total of €0,18 per iced coffee.

Home Brewed Cafe Quality Iced Coffee

While I like the frugal lifestyle, an iced coffee with vanilla and caramel syrup is something I cannot live without from time to time.

When going all out on cafes you can get an iced coffee with caramel and vanilla for €5-€10 per iced coffee. However, using my recipe/recommendation you can get yourself an iced coffee with vanilla and caramel for just €0,62.

Recipe and costs of Starbucks quality iced coffee
Recipe and costs of Starbucks quality iced coffee

The prices suggest that the syrup is the most expensive part of the iced coffee. However, if you make a homebrew it can be an affordable luxury for everyone, including you.

Again, without getting too technical I want to explain my numbers.

The current syrups I have is 300 ml per bottle. I use 12 ml of caramel syrup and 7,5 ml vanilla syrup per cup. The bottles cost €6,71 per syrup. This gives a price of €0,27 for caramel and €0,17 for vanilla per cup of iced coffee.

Recipe For A Delicious Iced Coffee

The only thing you need to get a cheap and well tasting iced coffee is cool coffee (room temperature or chilled), creamer and some ice cubes. If the taste is not perfect yet, you can add some different syrups. My personal recipe is with caramel and vanilla syrup, my absolute favorite:

  • 150 ml of Coffee
  • 75 ml of almond milk
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 12 ml caramel syrup (Caramel syrup prices)
  • 7,5 ml vanilla syrup (Vanilla syrup prices)

The recipe is very simple. If you are not a fan of almond milk you can choose half and half, milk or any other type of creamer. I have no problem drinking an iced coffee with just coffee, creamer and ice cubes. However, I prefer to have some syrup in just to give it the extra taste. It is almost like liquid candy with caffeine.

How Much Time Does It Take To Make Iced Coffee?

It takes 5 minutes to brew the coffee, at least 2 hours of chilling the coffee and less than 2 minutes mixing the iced coffee.

Making iced coffee takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is make the coffee in your regular coffee machine. From here you chill it to room temperature (or colder). The cooling of the coffee is what takes some time. Usually you can make a room-temperature coffee after 1 hour of cooling.

I can show you how I do in a little picture series:

Making the coffee
Making the coffee (Don’t mind the bug net in the window)
Pouring the coffee into a decanter
Pouring the coffee into a decanter

When the coffee is cool you simply pour in 4 ice cubes, 150 ml of coffee, 75 ml of creamer and then some syrups if you prefer.

Start making the iced coffee with ice cubes
Start making the iced coffee with ice cubes
After the ice cubes you want to add the coffee
After the ice cubes you want to add the coffee
When adding creamer you should mix and taste to your liking
When adding creamer you should mix and taste to your liking
Mixing the vanilla and caramel syrup is the cherry on the topping for an iced coffee
Mixing the vanilla and caramel syrup is the cherry on the topping for an iced coffee

Mixing the iced coffee is a matter of taste. You can find different creamers and syrups if you don’t like the once I have suggested. The world of syrups are endless, and you can get anything from ginger to salted caramel.

Comparing The Home Brew With Cafe Iced Coffee

I have made a comparison of my own usage. If I have ever gotten an iced coffee I have only gotten a single iced coffee for a day. While, when I have brewed the iced coffee at home I have a tendency to drink between 3 and 4 cups per day. My example is based on the recipe I have listed at the top of this page and a €5,5 priced cafe iced coffee.

Home brewed iced coffee

  • Monthly cost of €74,52
  • Yearly cost of €894,22

Cafe iced coffee

  • Monthly cost of €165
  • Yearly cost of €1920

If you were to purchase a coffee every day on the way to work (or on the way home) you would end up spending €1920 whereas making it at home would only cost you €894,22. That i a €1025,78 yearly saving you can use on other stuff (please invest it to secure yourself in the future. You can visit my monthly income page to get inspiration).

Conclusion – Stop Buying Expensive Iced Coffee (And Other Caffeine Drinks)

Making an iced coffee which is just as “flavorable” as the expensive iced coffee in the cafes is easy and only costs €0,18 per cup. It is incredible that a small analysis of my own personal finances can help me save upwards of €1000 per year. In comparison to the cafe iced coffee, I have been a heavy drinker of energy drinks. I have been drinking between 2 and 3 energy drinks per day (1 to 1,5 liters). Those energy drinks is equivalent to the price of the cafe iced coffee.

Therefore, I am able to save €1000 per year. The coffee has been a cheaper substitute for the energy drinks. If you have a hunger for energy drink for expensive coffees you should try making some home-brewed iced coffee.

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