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Fastinvest Income

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Updated: 03-10-2019

Fastinvest is one of the very passive P2P lending platforms you can invest with. There is no loan originators available on Fastinvest, therefore, you cannot actively make a choice on who to invest with. While they have delivered the returns, it makes me uneasy that there is no transparency to the loan originators. Therefore, I am not investing more at Fastinvest than I already have.

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Current state of Fastinvest income

Fastinvest is a nice passive income source. This is due to their simplicity and the fact that there is almost nothing to consider when investing in loans. I have been getting a return of ~14% since I started my Fastinvest account. I have almost been ignoring the platform because of the simplicity. While giving me high returns the simpleness of the platform has left me to worry about literally nothing.

Fastinvest Income - September 2019
Fastinvest Income – September 2019
Fastinvest Portfolio Value - September 2019
Fastinvest Portfolio Value – September 2019
MonthFastinvest incomeFastinvest portfolio valueXIRR

Comments of Fastinvest income

So far I am happy with the return which is relatively high compared to many other P2P lending sites. However, Fastinvest is my truly passive income source. Due to the simplicity and the size of the platform, I will leave it as is. As of late with the cash-drag, I am thinking of another platform which I have eyeballed for some time.

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