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Current state of Envestio income

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Envestio has been my best passive income investment platform so far. I signed up through an affiliate link and gained additional 0,5 percentage in return. Envestio is my current favorite site, the only lacking aspect is a visual statistic presentation of my income. Nevertheless it is my best passive income and i will probably increase my funds on Envestio.

The ROI of the projects posted on Envestio is high and i will be increasing my position on Envestio.

Envestio income - June 2019
Envestio income – June 2019
Envestio portfolio value
Envestio portfolio value
MonthEnvestio incomeEnvestio portfolio valueXIRR

Comments on Envestio income

The funds on Envestio was added in December. Not all my my funds where invested before the ending of December, hence why we see a lower return in January. I do however expect the return to increase a little in Marts. Despite the lack of visual statistics will continue to increase the amount of funds in my Envestio account. The platform is easy to read and i keep statistics my self anyway.

Visit my portfolio page to follow the total increase in my portfolio.

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