Debitum Network Review – Fast Growing P2P Lending Platform

I am filled with curiosity about the P2P lending platforms in Europe and would like to explore them all. In my search, I found the Debitum Network. The platform is a P2B (peer-to-business). Debitum Network is a European P2P lending platform and therefore fits what I am looking for when doing my reviews. Debitum Network review is based on my in-depth research.

I will do the research for you so you can determine if you want to invest in the P2P lending platform Debitum Network.

The Debitum review is 100% unbiased and based on my personal findings. In the Debitum review, I will give my personal opinion of their services. I will include the subjective aspects which I personally like, and the objective facts – like statistics.

Debitum Network is a new and innovative platform. Most platforms only provide a buyback guarantee as a safety for the investors. However, Debitum Network provides two incentives to secure investors against bad borrowers. Furthermore, you can earn anywhere between 6%-15% on the platform.

Debitum Network Overview

  • Loan types: Business loans, invoice financing, and trade financing
  • Loan terms: 0-24 months
  • Interest rate: 6%-15%
  • Auto-invest: Yes, easy to use
  • Buyback guarantee: Yes
  • Fees and costs: No fees
  • Minimum investment: €10
  • Currencies: EUR
  • Secondary market: No
  • Sign-up link: Debitum Network

What is Debitum Network?

Debitum Network is a P2B (peer-to-business) lending platform. They were founded in Lithuania in 2017. They only provide loans to business’ as they claim is more suited for professional institutional investors. Debitum Network is the first FinTech platform to provide a credit score. This shall allow investors to compare the loans based on their probability of defaulting within the next 12 months. Debitum Network is providing loans to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic business’.

Debitum Network intends to develop a decentralized platform to successfully and efficiently funding small and medium-sized businesses. They want to decentralize the process to disrupt the current financing industry. In the current financing industry, the whole financing process is carried out by a single financial institution, therefore a centralized manner.

One way Debitum Network makes their platform decentralized is by having third parties risk assessors, which should allow for unbiased risk assessments. This enables the investors to have unbiased transparency and information to make educated risk management before investing in a loan.

How Does Debitum Network Work?

Debitum Network is a lending ecosystem for connecting businesses, investors and services providers. Currently, the only service providers are the risk assessors. Debitum Network is decentralized in such a way that information and services are provided by independent and third-parties, rather than Debitum Network themselves.

The picture illustrates the process and how Debitum Network works.

  • Small and medium enterprises apply for invoice financing, business loans or trade financing.
  • Loan originators issue loans to small and medium enterprises. Which loan originators will be available on the platform is picked by Debitum Network themselves.
  • On the Debitum Network platform, the loans which are issued through the accepted loan originators, allows the investors (you and me) to fund the loans.
How Debitum Network works
How Debitum Network works

Getting Started on Debitum Network

Getting started on Debitum Network is very easy. The only requirements for investing is signing up and depositing funds. You can set up an auto-invest if wanted, or you can invest manually through their loan list.

Debitum Network sign up process
Debitum Network sign up process

To withdraw the profits and the invested money you are required to verify your identity. This is due to the European Anti Money Laundering policy, which the platform has to comply with. Just a step to make sure that criminals do not use their platform to laundering of money.

The Team and Organization

The team behind Debitum Network is very interesting. One of the co-founders of Debitum Network is also the founder of DEBIFO. If you think that name rings a bell, it might be because you have invested in loans provided by DEBIFO on Mintos. DEBIFO offers invoice financing loans for businesses.

The two other co-founders are members of the board of DEBIFO. DEBIFO was founded in 2015 and has been issuing loans through Mintos since January 2016. Through Mintos, they have issued over €110 million in loans. They have a Minto’s rating of B and an average interest of 11%. Debitum Network has therefore been in the game for several of years, and are now trying to establish their own P2B platform.

On Mintos, DEBIFO does not provide a buyback guarantee, however on Debitum Network they provide a buyback guarantee. Remember DEBIFO is not a loan originator on Debitum Network, but the owners are the same.

Whether Debitum Network has a goal of competing with Mintos is not to say. However, they are known in the industry of P2P/P2B lending and seem to be good at it.

Another interesting fact about the teams is that the CEO and founder of DEBIFO is also a COO in Factris. Factris is one of Debitum Network’s loan originators.

Financial Statement (Exclusive Access)

There is no financial statement to be found of Debitum Network. However, knowing that one of the co-founders of Debitum Network is also the owner of DEBIFO and 2 others are board members. It would be good if a financial statement where to be found of DEBIFO. However, that is to be found nowhere as well.

I miss some transparency here. While the platform is newer and quite small compared to many others, it gains better trust between the investors and the platform.

Through contacting the Debitum Network platform I have gotten the financial statement at my disposal. However, I am not allowed to share it. However, as I reviewed the financial statement I can tell that Debitum Network is making a solid profit. Their net profits increased by 8 times from 2017 to 2018. Which is very impressive.

Loan List on Debitum Network

There is a lot of different information displayed on the loan list. All the essential information is displayed, so you as an investor can make quick investment decisions.

Loan list and meaning of loans on Debitum Network
Loan list and meaning of loans on Debitum Network

The loan list is simple and elegant. You get what you need to know.

The penalty rate is when the borrower is more than 15 days late on their payment. From there the penalty fee/interest is in effect meaning the borrower will have to pay back a higher interest.

Auto-invest Tool on Debitum Network

The auto investment tool is just as simple and elegant to use as the loan list. You can choose credit score, interest rate, loan originator and you can choose to base the size on a percentage of your total balance, or just set a maximum amount and lastly, you can choose the maximum loan term you want.

Auto invest tool on Debitum Network
Auto invest tool on Debitum Network

Buyback Guarantee

Debitum Network has made two incentives to avoid bad borrowers. One is a buyback guarantee, and the second is the security of assets.

The buyback guarantee is quite simple. If the borrower is more than 90 days delayed, the loan originator is obligated to repurchase the loan in full.

The “under assets” displays the guarantees which the borrower provides in case of non-repayments. In most cases, these are invoices or personal guarantees by one or multiple owners of the borrowing company.

Debitum Network Risks (Credit Score)

Debitum Network outsources the credit scoring to third party professionals. They analyze the provided loans and set credit scores which are updated continuously.

Debitum Networks due diligence process takes about 3 months and has a success rate of just 10%. Which means Debitum Network has strict requirements for funding on their platform.

Risk assessment on Debitum Network
Risk assessment on Debitum Network

The 10% which makes it through the due diligence is what we as investors can invest in.

Loan Originators on Debitum Network

From the auto-investment tool, it can be seen that Debitum has 5 different loan originators. Funny enough, factris is one of the loan originators.

Factris is a purchasing invoices to provide liquidity for the borrower. Furthermore, factris collects the unpaid invoices, claiming that the borrower will never lose money from unexpected events due to insurance.

Vihorev investments are a real estate development company. Currently, they have over 177 units in 4 different projects. Approximately 7500 m2 under development, and a total value of about €20 million.

Aforti is a company providing entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises with a wide range of financial services. They offer different services, such as financing company operations, online foreign exchange, management of liabilities, etc.

However, I was unable to find any information about Chain finance and Trade Backing.

Debitum Network Acting in the Interest of the Investors

In August 2019 a loan originator called Aforti Finance was not repaying loans as they were obligated to. Through Debitum Networks due diligence process, they removed Aforti Finance from the platform and bought back all loans + due interest.

It is to say that Debitum Network does not slack the loan originators and want happy investors.

You can read more about the case on Debitum Networks blog.


Currently, Debitum Network has over 2000 investors registered on their P2P lending platform. The total amount of money deposited by the investors is close to €750.000. The average investor will, therefore, have ~€375 on their account. However, the money is flowing on Debitum. Over €3 million has been invested on the platform. However, the investors on Debitum seems not to like the auto-investment tool. Only €200.000 of the €3 million was invested from the auto-invest tool.

Fees and Costs

Debitum Network is completely free of charge.

First Impressions

I find it weird that google searches and direct page visits directed to redirects to factris. You would think that the owners would make a section on the factris webpage that DEBIFO is now factris, or at least not promote themselves as board members of DEBIFO on LinkedIn. It tickles my balls that DEBIFO was/is a Lithuanian company, while factris is a Dutch company. I can’t tell if DEBIFO has been declared bankrupt and purchased by factris or have facilitated crimes and therefore legally have been dissolved. However, there is no information as to why I cannot find DEBIFO outside of Mintos and the owners LinkedIn – Was my thoughts. However, through about an hour of digging on Google, I found that DEBIFO is a subsidiary of factris. Just to make it 100% clear. DEBIFO has not participated in any illegal actions. However, it should not be this hard for a normal guy like me to out that DEBIFO is a subsidiary of factris.

However, my first impressions are good. A solid founder team with experience within the P2P/P2B lending industry. The platform itself is slick and easy to use. The platform is quite innovative and features 2 types of loan guarantees. This will ensure some extra security for the loans. The interest is in the lower spectrum compared to other platforms. However, it is a quite small platform with only 5 loan originators.

I could see myself investing on the platform in the future.


While the Debitum Network is a smaller platform it is quite innovative and provides two types of security. The team behind the platform has another company which is a loan originator on another platform called Mintos. They are therefore experienced in the P2P/P2B industry. While the platform is still new, and I wouldn’t expect to see any positive cash-flow, I would like to see a financial statement of Debitum Network.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you, the visitor, uses an affiliate link. Investing involves risk of losses.
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  1. Ghislain Van de Walle

    To get the balance sheet, you simply ask Eimantas Valančius at Debitum Network. P.S. They are making a profit.

  2. Hello, what is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
    Thanks and best regards…

    • Hello Abboudi,
      I could not find any information on their platform, so i reached out to the head of onboarding and operations and got the response. The minimum amount to withdraw is 10 EUR.

      Response from Debitum Network on minimum withdrawal amount

  3. Check out their latest January 2020 update, they’re going from strength to strength month on month.

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