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Have you ever wondered what the cost of owning a cat is? No matter if you are trying to save money, retire early or reach financial freedom some “luxuries” are needed to keep the spirit going.

Upwards of 60% of households has a pet. Pets are good company and they are so loving. However, our furry friends come with responsibilities. These responsibilities cost money.

In this post I will go through the cost we have on our cat.

Cost of Owning a Cat – Infographic

The cost of pet ownership - infographic
Cost of pet ownership – Infographic

Monthly Costs of Owning A Cat

The costs of owning a cat can vary a lot from person-to-person based on the quality of the food, litter, toys, hygiene and etc. people give their pets.

I have made a table of the monthly and annual cost of owning a cat. The cost covers the purchase of food – wet and dry, cat toilet – litter and poop bags, insurance, hygiene – toothbrush and malt, different toys and a yearly vet check.

Monthly costAnnual cost
Cat toilet22266

The cost is based on my girlfriend and I’s decessions for our cat. We buy high-quality food, high-quality litter, ensures a yearly veterinarian check. However, we have gotten cheap toys as our cat is very profound of brown paper and cardboard of online shopping packages. Furthermore, the cheap mice and dangling toys is also toys she enjoys a lot.

Budget for A Cat

When considering getting a pet you have to think about budgeting. Cats are not the most expensive pet to acquire, but they do cost some money which not everybody can just go spend on a monthly basis.

What is especially important to consider is the following costs:

  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Litter


The food for pets is usually the highest monthly cost together with the cat litter of owning a cat.

Food is a continuous cost and while it can be the highest cost, many are using the cheap alternatives at the regular grocery store. The cheap food alternatives does the same for pets as it does for humans. It is simply junk.

Using cheap food has cost other pet owners several $100 and vet bills. Jeremy at modest money had to go through a vet to find the issue with his cat. Despite countless tried to fix the problem himself.

While the cheap food saves you money right at the moment, it costs a lot of money in the long term in vet bills.

Dry Food and Wet Food

There is a big difference in the cost of dry food and wet food. Many ask the question as to whether they should feed only dry food or wet food to their pets. There is pros and cons to both, and while I am not an expert on cats it is concluded from expects that using a combination is the best your cat.

The price difference is huge comparing wet and dry food. The dry food we use is Royal Canin – Kitten Second Age and the wet food is Schesir Tuna and Pumpkin.

The dry food has a price of 7,5€/kg whereas the wet food has a price of 16€/kg. This is the price we get from our pet stores.


Toys does not have to be expensive. It is very important to have, especially to your kittens. The cats develop their agility and coordination when playing. The toys can be expensive automated mice or it can be a simple toy mouse (which we use).

Cardboard boxes and the brown shipping paper that comes within the packaging is a good toy for cats. Spreading the brown paper around the floor will have the cat hide under the paper, and sneak up on the other toys which are laying around.

There are many cheap alternatives, which does not compromise the health of your cat.


People often don’t think about insurance. However, not insuring your pets can cause you to suffer financial distress. In case your pets get sick and you cannot afford the medical bill.

Insurance is typically between 15 to 40 euros per month. While this seems like a high ongoing cost, there are examples of people who have raged up thousands of euros in debt due to vet bills.

Insurance will protect you from paying big bills outright, and use your money on other things, and avoiding debt.

Below you can see the average cost of common cat conditions.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is one of the high monthly costs when using odor-free, dust-free, and clumping litter. We use everclean extra strong clumping which is an expensive cat litter compared to the cat litter that can be found in your average grocery store.

The cheap cat litter you typically find in the grocery store does not clump and does not cover odors. Whenever the cat litter has to be replaced you have to empty the whole cat tray as the pee and dodo will infect the entire cat litter. Whereas the clumping cat litter will catch the pee and dodo in a nice ball so only the litter that is hit will be infected with the harsh cat odors.

With the more expensive cat litter, you can, therefore, remove the cat’s business daily without replacing the whole litter tray. In the long term, the expensive cat litter will be a cheaper option.

Destroying Your Belongings

Many people forget this part of having a pet, they destroy your belongings. Whether you are the type who has expensive yeezy’s, big speakers, designer pottery or whatnot, pets will destroy something.

Growing up with dogs a lot of shoes has died to be a toy. Likewise, with cats, they scratch up doorframes and wires.

It is impossible to predict what they will try to ruin and there is nothing to do other than being alert to your pet’s behavior.

I have put tin foil on the subwoofer’s of my ground speakers. The cat found an interest in my subwoofers and did get to scratch them a bit.


While high-quality products seem more expensive in the moment, they are cheaper in the long run.

Using the “Cost of ownership – Infographic” you can see what costs we have with our cat. While this is just our cost, there are many alternatives, both more expensive and cheaper. The cost should not be associated with how much you like your cat. Finding what works for your cat is the way to go. Just as we don’t have to use lots of money on toys.

Lastly, it is important to remove very sentimental or expensive objects from your pet’s reach. It can be put you to some emotional or financial distress.

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