About ThePoorInvestor

Why start an investment blog? Well, I have experienced in my inner circle through college, university and work that none is actually investing however they are talking a lot about it. So I thought I would create this page to show everyone in the world (hopefully) that even a student can invest spare cash to gain long term profitability.

Therefore, i hope to be the “Go-to” site when you are looking for P2P lending knowledge. This site is for me to track my own progress. I will share everything related to my financials so you can follow my journey to financial freedom.

I am not a one of the retire early guys. I really like working and i enjoy the corporation with intelligent people and solving problems within my field of work. However, if i reach financial independence i might quit the 9-5 jobs.

Furthermore i am not drastically changing my life style. For example i have a passion for watches. Which is an expensive hobby.

My beloved Omega Seamster Professional 300M from 2006.
My beloved Omega Seamster Professional 300M.

So, rather than spending my spare money on things i do not really care about, i would rather invest them for long term growth. However, I am looking towards being able to have a paid off car, house mortgage free etc. Hence increasing my financial independence but I am not going to retire. My goal however is to make enough money to do what ever I want. Maybe creating my own company and develop a free lifestyle where I can work with what I want within the company.

About ThePoorInvestor

My name is Jonas, a Dane living in Denmark with my lovely girlfriend. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in engineering in January of 2019. I decided to continue a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Currently, I am working within a smaller drone AI software development company.

Having accounting and financing on my bachelors I thought about how business’ consider a return worthwhile. Generally, when having financial improvement projects I have experienced that business’ want a 10 percent return on investment (ROI) or higher. The calculation is typically done on every single decision (of course it depends on the size of the matter) hence why business’ with good financial considerations can be profitable. So if I would do things likewise, but personally can I get a 10 percent ROI? I might, but I might not. My goal is to follow a monthly plan where I invest spare cash in p2p-lending/crowdsourcing etc.

The Financial Goals

The financial goal is to be able to get any time off, with no concern about the financial consequences of not working for the period.
Currently, I think it is tough to set goals. I have a lot of variable expenses with relatively low income.

I have three goals I want to achieve:

  • The first goal is to achieve a monthly payout of 100 euro.
    • Achieved a monthly income of 100 euro September 2019.
  • The second goal is to obtain a monthly payout of 500 euros.
  • The third goal is to get 1000 euro a month.

Compounding the interest plus adding fresh money should hopefully increase the speed of returns.

The end game is to own a big corporation with rental properties. However, in Denmark where I live, it is expensive to make the properties cash-flow. Hence I will be using my investment strategy to gain access to rental properties in the long-term.


I will be fully transparent with my investments. The money moved will be shown on the portfolio page. Here you can find the precise date and money moved. The value shown will always be the full amount, not accounting for fees, expenses or other transaction costs.

For clarification, I want to stress that the name Thepoorinvestor is not meant as Thebadinvestor. It is meant as poor, hence not being in a monetary free state. The blog is made to inspire you to invest for long term gains. And while my cryptocurrencies have decreased drastically, I believe that the technology is here to stay. Hence why I have not sold any of my cryptos during the recession which started in January 2018.

Full Disclosure

Everything you will read on this blog is based on my own financials and experiences. I show everything with full disclosure. This includes my income, expenses, investment, and even ups and downs.

The purpose of this blog is to show that you can improve your economical situation no matter the income you are in. This is not financial advice and should not be interpreted as such. However, it should be a help for you to consider your own economic situation and to better your own finances.


I am nor will I be responsible for the actions you take based on what you have read on the blog. This is not financial advice, but the writing of my path to gain financial independence. Should you need help with your finances you should talk to an actual financial adviser.

Everything described on the blog is based on personal experience. I am not associated with any of the investment platforms mentioned on the blog. Affiliate links will occur on the blog. By using the affiliate link I will potentially get a commission, and normally you will receive a bonus as well. You get value and I get paid, it is a win/win situation.


If you want to contact me my email is thepoorinvestor@outlook.com. I will answer questions to the best of my ability.

Why focus on P2P lending?

P2P lending is a stable and predictable way of gaining a monthly income. This income is usually passive and can be immediately reinvested to compound the interest. Then why don’t i use dividend growth investing? Currently, in Europe I have no knowledge of commission-free brokerage. P2P lending is fee-free for investing, hence i get more out of my money through P2P lending.